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Bikini or swim suit

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Sammoid555 Wed 03-Jun-20 22:44:05

Hi All , I am new to the site so this will be my very first post eek. I know that this year it seems that it is highly likely we won't be going abroad on holiday sad this year . My question is to all us fellow mum's is it just me or are others in a similar boat but I just feel so self conscious in a bikini because of my wrinkly belly after having my first son a few years ago, my tummy honestly looks like it belongs to a 70 year old ladysad yet I'm fit and healthy and slim but my mummy tummy I hate it , I notice people staring at it and I know you should wear your battle scars with pride as they say but not for me I'm so self conscious but don't like to wear a full swimsuit , I then feel like this is completely hiding my figure ! . I prefer a bikini as I think they just fit far more attractive and feminine than an all in one . Tankinis no no my belly over lap pops out from my c section scar .
We are meant to be flying out to the Maldives for Xmas and I just want to know does anyone else feel like this when it comes to swimwear ?? Do other mum's wish they could confidently wear a bikini but don't because of belly scars etc? And reach for the safe all in one swim suit? X

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Lweji Wed 03-Jun-20 22:47:17

Never worn a full suit after ds was born other than for doing lengths at the swimming pool.

Photos of your belly? I'm sure it's better than you think.

AvoidingRealHumans Wed 03-Jun-20 22:59:06

I love high waisted bikinis. There are loads of lovely, on trend ones about. They hide your belly but are still a bikini. I find them really flattering and prefer them to a standard bikini.

I do like a full suit too and have some really pretty ones that I don't feel frumpy in. I got a lovely one from new look last year.

StarlightLady Thu 04-Jun-20 07:27:00

With a bikini, it is more comfy on the beach than a wet one piece. For me one pieces are for the (indoor) pool.

You can get high waisted bikinis that can fold down, without digging in, to your own comfort level depending on where you are.

The other bikini plus from me is that l can go topless on some beaches, although that is not going to happen in the Maldives.

Speaking of your tum, l expect it is attracting less attention than you imagine. None of us are body perfect. I mentioned on here previously that l got chatting to a woman on a beach last year who was topless and had one breast removed. I take my sun hat off to her. She looked fine.

BringMeTea Thu 04-Jun-20 07:36:39

Bikini. All day long. Maybe self tan your middle or spray tan before you go. And in the Maldives there will be very few other people to see you!

Retailqueenie Thu 04-Jun-20 08:04:18

I doubt very much people are staring at your tummy, you absolutely need to get your confidence back. Order loads of bikinis online and find one that gives you a boost and you feel great in (in your bedroom).....

Very jealous of Maldives, went years ago on honeymoon & I can assure you people will be looking at the breathtaking scenery & not your tum.... smile

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