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Designer work bag - not mulberry!

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Wertyu Wed 03-Jun-20 18:26:37

I'm looking to get a decent bag for work. I'd like something quite classic, but casual. I'm young ish and my style is black skinny jeans/trainers/simple top.

I like a lot of the mulberry bags but have heard bad things about their quality of late so looking for an alternative?


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DysonFury Wed 03-Jun-20 22:10:25


BF888 Wed 03-Jun-20 22:27:16

Depends on your budget, when I have more causal days at work I use my Saint Laurent tote- might be called shopping bag on their site. It’s also my go to airplane travel bag, you get a pouch inside too which I’ve found so useful. The leather is super soft and they do quite a few colours so you’d find something that works with your everyday wardrobe.

Custardcreamies101 Wed 03-Jun-20 22:28:34


Tigger03 Wed 03-Jun-20 22:30:14

I have the Kate Spade tote and love it - I thought the Coach leather felt a bit thin in comparison, but that might just be me as I know a lot of people love them!

phoebesphalange Wed 03-Jun-20 22:35:49

Depends on your budget but I think the Anya Hindmarch Ebury is a nice twist on the Mulberry style of work bag.

Also Essential Antwerp do some nice work-y bags which are well priced (around £100) but look a lot more expensive.

PegasusReturns Wed 03-Jun-20 22:36:41

What’s your budget?

That drives everything. I personally like mulberry and I’ve never had an issue with the quality but they’re lower end of the designer bag scale.

My recent favourite is the Burberry belt bag.

DCIHoops Thu 04-Jun-20 10:56:15

I have this one

Ifonlyiweretaller Thu 04-Jun-20 12:37:20

Thanks for this post...I've just spent the last half hour looking at all those recommended bags and have now ordered a Kate Spade Molly workbag that I didnt really need right now considering I'm not even able to go to work wink

LavenderHills Thu 04-Jun-20 12:41:44

I personally like Il Bisonte. An old family company, with all the bags still handmade in Florence.

Tigger03 Thu 04-Jun-20 13:18:17

That is the exact one I have - so far zero regrets! Love it (albeit similarly to you it’s had few outings due to Covid sad )

LakeTittyHaHa Thu 04-Jun-20 15:08:58

I am a fan of Michael Korrs. Would that be considered designer? I find them good quaintly and last well.

I do have a Mulberry (recently bought) which is fabulous and the quality is great, but they are very heavy, so I don’t know if they’d be suitable for work!

LakeTittyHaHa Thu 04-Jun-20 15:09:29

Quality not quaintly!

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