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What bra do you wear with spaghetti straps

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Givemestrengthorgin Tue 02-Jun-20 21:45:30

I'm 40 and just lost a bit of weight and toned up so looking to branch out with the clothes i wear. I've seen some lovely tops and jumpsuits with spaghetti straps but I'm lost as to what kind of bra I wear with them. I'm a 36DD so definitely need something substanial. Would a strapless bra cut it?

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Belfastian Tue 02-Jun-20 21:49:54

I wear a strapless bra with mine. Wonder bra strapless are a game changer for the larger breasted.

MilkshakeandFries Tue 02-Jun-20 21:50:55

Yes strapless! Or I layer the camisoles if one is a bit too low cut.

I got some really nice basic tube type bras from Next last year which stay in place quite nicely when you don't want straps showing too.

Ilovetolurk Tue 02-Jun-20 21:53:19

Not for everyone but sometimes I wear a coloured bra with a contrasting strap for a bit of interest.

Givemestrengthorgin Wed 03-Jun-20 00:01:00

Thanks all!

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StarlightLady Wed 03-Jun-20 05:01:11

I’m a similar age and very much a dress lover. I can’t get on with strapless bras, so, depending on the dress, l either go sans bra (l can only get away with it with a few dresses) or wear one that’s a pretty contrasting colour. In short, meant to be seen.

I always avoid white or beige, as l think it just looks functional. I hate the clear plastic straps you sometimes see glistening in the sun. Do people really think they can’t be seen?

UnFuckingAcceptable Wed 03-Jun-20 07:17:19

Just like you givemestrength I've been wearing summery clothes but the look has been somewhat ruined by the chunky straps of my functional bras.
Strapless bras and large breasts are so very uncomfortable.
Going braless isn't a good option either and the heat means an awful itchy sweat rash under the bust.

Anyone have examples of decent bras?
Strapless ones that aren't a form of torture?
Some links would be fab.

KatharinaRosalie Wed 03-Jun-20 09:44:02

I'm an FF/G and Wonderbra Ultimate does the job very nicely.

Talisin Wed 03-Jun-20 15:46:35

I find the Wonderbra, while it works well, shoves everything up front and makes me look much bigger. Someone around these parts recommended the Jamie multiway from Next last year and that works much better for me (and is a lot more comfortable).

biglittlemedium Wed 03-Jun-20 15:48:46


I'd strongly suggest you re-measure yourself if you have lost a decent amount of weight.

ExpectTheWorst Wed 03-Jun-20 15:51:53

I just wear a regular bra underneath, in a good strong colour so it's obviously meant to be seen.

CrystalMaisie Wed 03-Jun-20 15:56:00

How to measure here Boob or bust

SkinSkin Wed 03-Jun-20 15:56:35

I hat wear a thin bra and the straps sit on top of each other. Seems to stay like that without migrating which helps!

So I wear black for darker colours and white or pink for lighter ones. Don't even really think anything of it anymore!

Definitely don't get on with strapless bras though so would only wear one of those for an evening function or something very unusual.

stillathing Wed 03-Jun-20 16:47:53

I use sports bras in bright block colours. They don't dig into my shoulders like bra straps do and I like how they look intentional. The coverage provided by the sports bra means I can wear flimsier or lower cut tops than usual. I can't use my actual running bras though as they are chosen for functionality not looks, but I've found lovely cheap crop top type bras in H&m, Primark etc that look great but wouldn't be nearly supportive enough for actual sports.

Bluewavescrashing Wed 03-Jun-20 16:56:38

Soft bandeau strapless bra.

AlexChitChatting Wed 03-Jun-20 17:23:13

I'm a 32G and either go strapless (Wonderbra, the one with the 'hands' structure inside. Brilliant) or go without (luckily I can still do that!).

StarlightLady Thu 04-Jun-20 07:39:39

Commented earlier. Some more thoughts.

With a lot of our clothes a bra outline can be noticeable. Surely, if a pretty colourful bra actually shows, all it means is that you have a bra on. Which most of us do, most of the time.

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