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Dyeing clothes

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tellmewhentheLangshiplandscoz Tue 02-Jun-20 16:27:17

I've an absolutely gorgeous All Saints t shirt dress I got in last years summer sale. Only problem is it's cream and the thinnest t shirt fabric you can imagine so unfortunately a nightmare with underwear confused it literally stands out like a ruddy beacon.

I don't own any "nude" pants and bra I can wear so they're invisible and to be honest the dress only cost £30 so I'm reluctant to spend probably the same amount of cash on undies I'll only wear with this, in the summer months. It's also way too thin to wear a vest underneath.

So I'm considering dyeing it black! Is this a stupid idea? If the fabrics really thin could could I end up with a similar but not quite as bad problem? Is dyeing clothes easy? I've never done it but have images of making one hell of a mess and my washing machine never being the same again. Which brands are best to use for a novice?

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homemadecommunistrussia Tue 02-Jun-20 16:35:44

Stuff to think about
1 what fabric is it? Manmade stuff needs special dye and even then it doesn't always turn out well.
2 how would you feel if you ruin it, or end up with contrast stitching?
I only ever dye things I am not too bothered about, so if it would go to charity otherwise.
If you love the dress your best bet might be a slip. Dye is not that cheap.

JoysOfString Tue 02-Jun-20 16:37:48

I dye clothes all the time - I often want a colour they don't have! It's easy, and doesn't have to be messy. In the UK, Dylon is the only widely available option and you can get a smaller sachet, or a larger box or tub. With the smaller sachet, you can dye in the machine or hand-dye, and you need to add salt. The big tub thing comes with the salt mixed in, and you just put it in the machine with your item. You get better results with machine dying, so as a beginner I'd do that. You have to then wash the item afterwards and make sure all dye is removed from the machine, but IME that only takes 1 wash and I've never had a problem.

Remember though IMPORTANT! artificial/synthetic fabrics will not dye well, and nor will wool. If it's 100% cotton, linen, viscose, silk or something like hemp or ramie, it will work but if it has a signigicant amount of polyester or nylon it won't. You are OK with 5% elastane or less, as long as the rest is cotton etc.

You black dress will have less show-through, and it should be OK if it's not tight. Oh and one more thing though - stitching. You could be left with white stitching, as the thread is often polyester and won't dye. If the stitching is visible, you have to consider whether you'd be OK with that look.

Another option is red underwear if you have any? That works under white.

homemadecommunistrussia Tue 02-Jun-20 16:39:05

Dying something black works best with dylon washing machine dye

tellmewhentheLangshiplandscoz Tue 02-Jun-20 16:44:08

The stitching thing had never occurred to me! I'm so glad I posted, thanks both. Mmmm, although I don't wear it much I would be gutted if my amateur efforts ruined it.

I may need to consider using it on holiday as a "day dress over swim suit" type thing, it doesn't matter if folk see that grin. Assuming I ever go near a beach again!

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LauraPalmerViolet Tue 02-Jun-20 17:59:55

I’ve dyed a lot of things with the Dylon machine dye, it always comes out pretty well, but as others have said, nearly always with contrast stitching! Although if you’re not wearing it now and it’s a nice feel and fit it’s worth a go smile
Also I’ve always made sure the next wash that goes on is a darks wash just in case!

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