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Need help with jeans after baby

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Dinobear2 Mon 01-Jun-20 11:37:08

Most of my pre-pregnancy clothes don’t fit me, particularly jeans as I’ve gained some weight
I think my waist is 33 and hips 40 blush so I’ve come to accept its time to buy clothes that fit
Does anyone have suggestions of which jeans will hide my belly or even which size I should be buying

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sarahc336 Mon 01-Jun-20 14:34:24

How many weeks post partun are you? I only ask because if it's within the first 6 months yes some of it will be weight gain but also your hips will still be wider and your stomach larger but this will normally return to normal quite quickly. Last time I just wore leggings and my maternity jeans for several months and then over time I fit back into my normal jeans. Just thought in case your panicking too soon it would save you money smile

Dinobear2 Mon 01-Jun-20 15:55:57

It’s been 8 months so I think I need some interim clothes whilst I try lose more

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Zengarden001 Mon 01-Jun-20 17:31:59

I found Lee jeans the best. Scarlett skinny are quite low and they also do a high waist version.

sarahc336 Mon 01-Jun-20 17:44:59

Ok fair enough, I think jeans are the hardest to get back into aren't they as they don't offer much stretch unlike say leggings. Why not try a stretchy type of jean, Topshop Joni ones are good as they're high waisted so could feel supportive on your tummy and super stretchy? Xx

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