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Hair dye help - any colour experts

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TheOriginalMrsMoss Sat 30-May-20 16:47:23

I currently have about 2 inches of grey roots and the rest of my hair is a coppery auburn (Majirel 7.041 <geek>)

I'd like to grow my roots out a little bit longer to see if I'm ready to go fully grey. I'm not cutting my hair or going cold turkey so I'm looking at options.

1. Tone with Bleach London Fade to Grey. This would match my roots well but what would it do to a level 7 coppery colour?

2. I could dye the lengths a cool grey toned level 7 in Majirel but as it's quite coppery, would this make it go green (my worst nightmare as I'm back to work v. soon)

3. Tint roots with a demi permanent colour. I have Shades EQ in a nice colour but would this stain the grey roots. I want to avoid this as they're quite a nice steel grey.

I want to avoid the bleach route as my hair is already dry from not being cut for 4-5 months.

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