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Where can I get a nice coat for 8m dd, that is not bloody pink!

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massivebigpantsface Fri 21-Sep-07 07:17:54

I want something warm and practical but cute too.
I don't want pink or fur collar and cuffs, or an all in one.
Have seen some quite nice ones in Monsoon and Next but nothing that is quite right.
Any ideas?

massivebigpantsface Fri 21-Sep-07 07:19:03

actually, I say 8m, but she will be 9-12/15m at the age she'll wear it

liath Fri 21-Sep-07 07:21:19

Jojomamanbebe do some nice polartec coats in a range of colours.

massivebigpantsface Fri 21-Sep-07 07:24:50

ooh, I forgot about them! Thanks I will have a look!
Just looked at M&P too but they are pink and furry sad

massivebigpantsface Fri 21-Sep-07 07:34:20

They are lovely! Really like the red duffle coat one!
saw this one too and love it! It looks a bit grown up for a baby though, do you think?
Will bear them both in mind but sensible head says 'red polartec'! Can't afford both!

lulumama Fri 21-Sep-07 07:36:17

there are some lovely John Rocha ones in debenhams, they are around £28 , khaki, lining is pink though. also matalan can be really good for coats and jackets.

liath Fri 21-Sep-07 07:36:18

That other one is gorgeous too! I always getted suckered into buying more than I intended on JJMB but their stuff is so lovely & much nicer than the swathes of pink stuff in the high street.

massivebigpantsface Fri 21-Sep-07 07:42:49

I did have a look in Debenhams but wasn't struck. I will definately pop into Matalan and If I don't see anything I like I may well order both from JJMB and see which one is best on her - or is that lethal?!
<thinks of poor, long suffering bank account>

massivebigpantsface Fri 21-Sep-07 17:29:57

popped into Matalan and there was a nice plum coloured coat for £9! The problem was that the arm length must have been fitted on an ape and even the 3-6m was massive, the sleeves were double her arm length!

Just ordered the one from JJMB grin

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