Sweaty Betty sizing- between a S and a M

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Aaandrea Thu 28-May-20 13:53:56

I have a small waist and thin calves but I am properly thunder-thighed.

If I size up, do you think they will be baggy?

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LagartijaNick Thu 28-May-20 13:58:46

In S the leggings will fit at the waist and the calves, they may be tight on the thighs. If you don't mind that you should be ok. I have some in M and wish I'd gone for L because I like to be comfortable. But then I wear most bottoms generously sized up.

damnthatanxiety Thu 28-May-20 14:08:04

I wear their Power leggings a lot and I think they stretch out a little over time (months of wear) so I would strongly recommend you go with the small. I wear small and I sometimes think they are baggy at the knees and need hoisting up. But XS just seems crazy as I am not an extra small person. What do you want them for? Is your arse big? Big arse doing squats may mean they go a bit see through (although I find them squat proof in the size I wear). If you are squatting and downward dogging, maybe M but if you are running and doing things that don't require sticking your bum out, maybe S

Aaandrea Thu 28-May-20 14:15:30

It's my thighs. Arse is in proportion with the rest of me, my thighs are proper East German weight lifter thighs. Jeans are totally unwearable.

Yoga and running, so squat proof seems necessary.

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Karmatime Fri 29-May-20 07:35:41

The power leggings have a waist adjuster so maybe go for the M as you can tighten if a bit loose on the waist.

ArtieFufkinPolymerRecords Fri 29-May-20 08:22:41

What size clothes do you wear? I'm 8-10, usually 10 in jeans, and have the power in small (which is the same size as I wear in Nike) and they fit really well.

PickleSarnie Fri 29-May-20 08:24:35

In leggings I would definitely size down. The waistbands are high and wide so they don't dig in. The rest stretches.

spotlighton Fri 29-May-20 09:10:56

I am a good size 10, fairly in proportion, small waist, I am size S SB but Nike size M

PickleSarnie Fri 29-May-20 10:00:06

I'm a tall size 14 but my Sweaty Betty leggings are a Medium.

damnthatanxiety Fri 29-May-20 10:02:54

Karmatime those waist adjusters confuse me. They have no toggle or method to stay where you pull them. You pull to reduce the waist and then they go straight back out again! They are like a belt with no holes or pin!! Are you supposed to tie in a knot? But then the knot is impossible to undo. Am I missing something?

PickleSarnie Fri 29-May-20 10:21:30

That's why I buy on the smaller side karmatime I hate the drawstring!! The one pair of Large leggings I have don't stay up well when i clip my running buddy pouch to them so have to use the drawstring and tie a knot. But it's really hard to undo the knot to take them off again.

hazelnutlatte Fri 29-May-20 11:16:47

Which leggings are you wanting OP? I find the sizing a bit inconsistent. I have the super sculpt leggings in medium and they are very tight, and the contour leggings in small and they fit fine.

damnthatanxiety Fri 29-May-20 11:35:44

hazelnutlatte I agree - Super Sculpt is much smaller than the others. Power, Contour and Zero Gravity are all about the same. I think a S in these is like a M in SS

emma6776 Fri 29-May-20 20:32:09

Power are incredibly stretchy. Me, my sister and my SIL all wear the same size (small) and we’re a tall size 8, a tall 14 and a short 12!

Aaandrea Fri 29-May-20 20:46:02

Yes, it was the Power ones although on closer inspection, very little is in stock!

I have Nike Ms but some jeans I have to go to a 14 because of the thunder thighs. I am very badly proportioned.

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Ifonlyiweretaller Fri 29-May-20 23:14:06

If I were you I'd order mor3 than one size. I'm a12/14 so ordered S & M. Not a huge difference but the S were not as comfy as the M. Free returns so no problem ordering more than the one pair.

flabbyflabbyflabguts Sat 30-May-20 01:02:45

I'm a size 8-10, with a smallish waist, and largish thighs, especially after leg day 😱
I wear a size Xs, I have some in a size small but I wear those just for lounging, because I have to keep,hoiking them up
Contours are softer and looser. Powers are smaller and fit better, stay up better and are squat proof, zeros are thinner material, good for running but not squat proof. If you size down in Powers, you should be ok, but wear the bigger size I n zeros if you think you'll be squatting.
The shorts come out smaller than the leggings. I recently bought a running skirt, it look gorgeous, is quite tight at the waist, and gives plenty of room at the thighs and the inner shorts stop chub rub. I love it

Karmatime Sat 30-May-20 08:26:47

I find the waist adjuster does stay in place just by pulling it, to be honest, the power leggings I have are a bit loose on the waist but they stay up anyway without using the tie as they are high waisted.

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