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Vitamin C, alternative to timeless

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Gimmecaffeine Wed 27-May-20 06:57:06

I want to add vitamin C to my regime and heard on these boards that Timeless is the best without spending £££, but it seems it's not available anywhere online.

Any ideas? Or is there a good alternative?

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botemp Wed 27-May-20 09:32:52

It's available here, sometimes it's on preorder as the stock is always fresh (keep it in the fridge) but you'd wait no more than a week.

Build up use gradually if you're new to Vitamin c and only ever use it once a day. We can only absorb 20% per 24h, using more you run the risk of going a bit orange as the product oxidises on your face and stains it (very similar to the fake tan process).

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