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Gorgeous dress - nurse & doctor who married at St Thomas' Hospital

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SkepticalCat Tue 26-May-20 22:44:08

Does anyone know who designed the dress/where it's from? I think it's one of the loveliest dresses I've seen.

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DJTanner Tue 26-May-20 22:47:44

It looks a bit like a dress by Self Portrait. I love it! Very simple and classy.

MintToBee Tue 26-May-20 22:49:50

It looks a bit like mine from Monsoon.

AnyFucker Tue 26-May-20 22:53:42

Beautiful dress. Cute couple.

Deepblueriver Tue 26-May-20 22:54:32

What a beautiful couple they look so happy.

Francina670 Tue 26-May-20 22:56:39

Oh it’s lovely.

Says in the article she had 2 weeks notice of the wedding and no dress. I think she must have a very good figure to look so good in something bought online in a rush.

BatshitCrazyWoman Wed 27-May-20 05:30:14

No idea on the (lovely) dress, but seeing the chapel brought back memories - my elder son was baptised there (he had surgery at 3 weeks old) That was nearly 28 years ago now!

NotTheOnlyPomInTheVillage Wed 27-May-20 05:35:07

Beautiful dress! He's a bit of a dish also, isn't he grin ?

Lynda07 Wed 27-May-20 05:35:17

They looked so happy and her dress was gorgeous.

Christmastree43 Wed 27-May-20 08:52:14

I'd like to know too, it's bloody gorgeous. I think she does have a fantastic figure though, you can really tell in the second pic.

I was supposed to get married on 2 May in a silk sage maternity 40s style dress at 7 Months pregnant, I will now probably be a couple of months postpartum and hopefully BFing when we are able to get married in September so God knows what will fit me!

Timeandtune Wed 27-May-20 09:08:37

Agree. It was lovely.

thebabessavedme Wed 27-May-20 10:15:00

I thought she looked fabulous in every way, beautiful dress, lovely figure and a very dishy husband, love and life to them both.

presumably she did her 'look' all by herself too, the girl got style!

Hamsterian Wed 27-May-20 12:24:22

That dress is perfection! She does have a fabulous figure. Gorgeous couple!

SapatSea Wed 27-May-20 14:32:24

Just beautiful. dress is gorgeous.

ILikeyourHairyHands Wed 27-May-20 14:42:46

Really lovely. She's very attractive though which always helps!

SkepticalCat Wed 27-May-20 16:35:13

Aww, @BatshitCrazyWoman, that's a lovely story.

They are indeed a cute couple, and she has a fabulous figure who'd probably look good in anything!

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timetest Wed 27-May-20 17:05:33

Gorgeous dress. I love the sleeves. A very attractive Couple.

Clueless1980 Thu 28-May-20 15:58:45

Saw this online earlier. Gorgeous photos. The dress was loaned to her from Morgan Davies Bridal Hitchin!

Gatekeeper Thu 28-May-20 16:00:10

dress was lovely- so elegant

XingMing Thu 28-May-20 17:19:12

Apparently, she bought three dresses online... one didn't arrive in time, another was damaged and there was a different problem with the third, so she was lent one by a shop which took pity and helped out! It was on R4 this morning.

Lordfrontpaw Thu 28-May-20 17:35:13

They were on the radio this morning. I was half asleep and thought she got married in white scrubs (duh). The sounded lovely and the photos look like they defiantly had a wedding to remember!

OhTheseSummerNiiiiights Thu 28-May-20 17:36:55

Gorgeous couple and yes, beautiful dress. Look at her waist!

HauntedGoatFart Thu 28-May-20 17:39:13

It's a beautiful dress and pictures. Lovely that they had a day of happiness amidst it all.

BringPizza Thu 28-May-20 17:51:21

Agree the dress was beautiful, she looked stunning.

Horsemad Thu 28-May-20 19:59:04

Aww, how lovely. Stunning couple. 🙂

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