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Silver bracelet

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PinkDaydreams Sat 23-May-20 21:01:34

Evening all!
I have £40 to spend on an everyday bracelet and would like some help please!
I have a few Thomas sabo bead ones already, I don’t like pandora charm bracelets, I’ve got skinny wrists so bangles don’t look good.
I think I want silver bracelet as I have a silver Thomas sabo watch, a white Michael kors watch and a black Michael kors diamond watch so I think silver will go with all of them. Earrings I wear are mainly sparkly and small.
I’ve googled but it’s mainly Etsy that’s coming up and I feel a bit uneasy buying from there.
Thank you in advance for your help smile

Idododoidadada Sat 23-May-20 21:05:07

Annie Haak
I have several of her silver bracelets.

monkeyonthetable Sat 23-May-20 21:09:42

This one from Pia is lovely. Well within budget too.

Reader1984 Sat 23-May-20 21:11:19

John Lewis have nice bracelets.

PinkDaydreams Sat 23-May-20 21:13:53

@monkeyonthetable I’ve looked at that type before but am worried about it coming undone easily?

monkeyonthetable Sat 23-May-20 21:26:39

@PinkDaydreams - I think it's pretty secure. I've always had good things from them before.

Terralee Sat 23-May-20 21:46:07

I've got a sterling silver chain link bracelet from Thomas Sabo which I've put charms onto.
I paid £30 for the bracelet a few years ago, will look to see how much they are now...

PinkDaydreams Sat 23-May-20 21:49:27

@Terralee I’ve actually seen those bracelets thank you. I didn’t want another charm bracelet, I wanted something a bit plainer if possible.

Terralee Sat 23-May-20 21:51:02

Ah I see, the actual bracelet without charms is now at least £49 anyway.

MoreSchnitzelPlease Sun 24-May-20 15:05:37

I buy most of my jewelry from Etsy, I've never had an issue with the site. There is such a wide range of items, I can spend hours browsing. They have a much better range compared to jewelry shops and the prices are generally very reasonable.

I promise I don't work for them, I am just perplexed as to why you wouldn't want to buy from independent sellers. You will get more for your money.

PinkDaydreams Sun 24-May-20 18:48:22

I suppose I worry too much about my bank details being cloned/hacked. It happened to me a few years back so I’m very careful with internet shopping now, probably a bit too cautious! I think I’m getting confused with Wish as well though as I’ve had a few friends but stuff from there and it not turn up and trouble getting a refund.

CoffeeBeansGalore Sun 24-May-20 19:00:14

I bought this for my daughter. It's beautiful quality & with the links can fit 6.5 inches - 8.5 inches.

PinkDaydreams Sun 24-May-20 19:54:58

@CoffeeBeansGalore I really like that, where is it from please?

CoffeeBeansGalore Sun 24-May-20 20:57:21

@PinkDaydreams it's from It is their Kama Charms bracelet currently listed at £43. They currently have an offer showing on the page, screenshot attached, worth trying to see if this bracelet is eligible. I have used the company for years & never had any issues. I usually pay with paypal. UK based, can see live on Sky channel 665

PinkDaydreams Mon 25-May-20 08:28:49

Thank you! I’ll check it out now smile

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