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Calling all hairdressers

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Lou670 Sat 23-May-20 20:40:01

Help! For years I dyed my hair (box dye) deepest black. I decided on a total colour change which my hairdresser was to do in stages to strip out the black.

First stage happened just before lock down. It was bleached using foils and then a toner ran through it. The next appointment was meant to be mid April.

The toner is wearing off and now left with the bleached hair almost looking blonde. Coupled with the fact that I am 100% grey so have a good inch of grey roots now!

No idea of when it will be completed as no date for hairdressers to reopen yet and then there will be a backlog of clients appointments.

I don't know what to do in the meantime. I am really down about this as last year I was involved in a house fire which left me with 3rd degree burns to my face, neck and ear. My head was partly shaved. This was February last year. It has taken me all of this time to grow it back to a respectable length and then I decided on a complete colour change and then lock down.

I don't want to undo all my hairdressers work by using another box dye but at the same time my hair looks like a patchwork quilt right now.

Could anyone advise me on what I could do for now. Thank you.

Mojitomogul Sun 24-May-20 00:54:27

The safest thing to do would be a purple shampoo, it would just help to reduce any brassiness of the blonde and also help the grey roots to blend nicely. Could you also colour just your roots with a good box dye- casting creme loreal is a safe bet, just make sure you patch test. Then you could be left with a balayage effect.

Neveranynamesleft Sun 24-May-20 01:03:10

Dont be tempted by a home box dye. Everyone is in the same boat right now. If possible, tie it back / clip it up maybe ?

Lou670 Sun 24-May-20 10:18:14

Thank you for the replies. I never tie it back as I have no fringe and tying it back exposes my scarring as on the left side the hairline goes right back where the hair will never grow back there.

I have heard of the purple shampoo. I think that would work on the highlighted hair but not sure what it would do to the roots.

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