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whwre do I get a nice bra for very small ex breastfeeding norks?

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Beenleigh Thu 20-Sep-07 13:00:36

The problem is, my boobs are quite wide iykwim, so a normal A cup digs in to the sides. I've been to Selfridges to get measured, and they measured mw as 32 DD when I was pg, (I had always worn 36 A before that) which fitted well.
After finishing bf DD1, they measured me as a 32 D but couldn;t find one bra that fitted me properly. 32 D doesn;t dig in to the sides, but there is just no nork in all that fabric. What am I going to do???
At the moment, I am feeling like money is no object, I have to have a nice bra! Or failing that, a horrid bra, but preferably one that fits!!

redpanda Thu 20-Sep-07 13:09:02

I you are in London (presuming you were talking about the London Selfridges) then try Fenwicks down Bond Street. They have a lovely selection of bras and when I last went there (on a Saturday morning) it was surprisingly quiet.I had a lovely older lady fitter who I had asked to check whether the bra I had chosen in my supposed size was right for me (it wasn't!). She then helped me try on quite a few bras before we found the right one for me. It's surprising how different each bra felt & looked on - despite them all being the same size. I will definitely go back there as it was a great bra buying experience! And cheaper than Rigby & Peller which is your other option if money is no option.
And I learnt a new bra-putting-on technique! It's all about bending over and tipping yourself in. My dh always finds it hilarious when he sees me getting dressed.

Beenleigh Thu 20-Sep-07 13:14:46

Ah, thanks, will try fenwicks, but tbh I think they will have the same problem. I left Selfridges last time holding back the tears, there was literally nothing. I too learned the tipping breasts in to bra technique, but not much to tip anymore! I shall make an appointment with Rigby and Peller. Thought they mainly catered for big norks though?

Egg Thu 20-Sep-07 13:18:37

Hi Beenleigh. I sympathise with you as I was 32D before pg with DS, 32E while pg, then went to a 32B/C (one side bigger than other blush) after DS had sucked the life out of them. Think it is strange that they measured you as as 32D if you feel like there is nothing much there, as D cup is not small hmm. Probably worth getting remeasured somewhere. Once I resigned myself to the fact that none of my old bras would fit, I just went to La Senza to be measured. Did not help that assistant was buxom, I felt v small sad. However I got myself some great gel filled bras that really helped. Am now pg again so boobs are a bit better, but still not back to their former glory!!! Good luck.

Beenleigh Thu 20-Sep-07 13:20:03

OMG, I've just been on the Rigby and Peller website, and they do alterations and can actually take in bra cups! So I could get a larger cup size so it doesn;t dig in, and then get it taken in to eliminate the fried egg in the albert hall effect! That sounds exactly what I need. Thanks redpanda grin

lou33 Thu 20-Sep-07 13:22:19

i wouldnt mind being a d cup, since when has that been small?!! envy

Beenleigh Thu 20-Sep-07 13:22:29

Hi Egg, that was the problem, I don;t have and never have had big boobs, but the small size I wore always dug in to the sides, but fitted in the front. when I had a proper fitting they told me that I needed a bigger cup size and smaller back size, which did work pre bf. They're using ths same theory now, but it doesn;t work any more. sad

Beenleigh Thu 20-Sep-07 13:24:23

I'm so tempted to take photos to illustrate my problem for your delight and entertainment, but I just can;t do it to myself!!! grin

Egg Thu 20-Sep-07 13:25:06

Gosh that Rigby and Peller thing sounds fab. Well worth it for some comfort. Still sounds so very strange about the fitting, surely if they had measured you properly they would find something in the whole of Selfridges that would work? Am doubting their expertise here, not you! From what I recall, they have a big selection there.

Beenleigh Thu 20-Sep-07 13:28:45

they could have put me in a smaller cup with a larger back, but the wires dig in to me. It is me, I'm a perculiar shape! That was what was so depressing, there are hundreds of beautiful bras, and nothing. Well I did end up getting a plain black sports type bra for about £40, but it's not very supportive!

redpanda Thu 20-Sep-07 13:29:50

I went to R&P on a Saturday morning - they don't do appointments and I was advised to turn up bang on opening time - which I did and there was already half a dozen people there. It was the one near Bond Street. However I was still seen within 5/10 mins. And no I don't think they're just for big. Although, up to that point I thought I was a B cup and they brought some DD out! I was astonished! TBH I think it's the underarm flab that contributes (in my case anyway!) - which is why I think the tip in technique helps! It was expensive there - but it's lovely walking away with a beatiful bra wrapped up in tissue paper.

redpanda Thu 20-Sep-07 13:30:10

and I meant to say GOOD LUCK too

missbumpy Thu 20-Sep-07 14:19:36

I kind of know what you mean Beenleigh, my breasts aren't enormous (at least they weren't before I got up the duff grin) but I was actually a 32dd/30E. It was partly to do with getting the wire to fit round the sides.

Have you tried Elle Macpherson bras? I find her 32Ds come up pretty small (but still fit round the sides, under the arms). Especially if you go for a balconnette or half cup style. Maybe try a Freya balconette style too.

I'd go back to Selfridges or Fenwicks if I were you and get them to do another fitting and don't leave until they've found you a bra that fits and that you love!

missbumpy Thu 20-Sep-07 14:21:19

PS. You're NOT a peculiar shape. Obviously I haven't seen you or your norks but I just wanted to say that we all come in different shapes and sizes and it takes a while to work out what bras work best for you. There are loads of styles/brands that just do nothing for me but there are a few that look brilliant and do the job. It's just a question of trying on lots and finding out what works for you.

Good luck!

Egg Thu 20-Sep-07 14:54:49

OK I really do think we need to see these norks. Go on. No-one will know it's you grin.

Agree with missbumpy, different brands do fit differently. Since becoming pg I was overflowing out of a couple of bras, but yet still have a lot of breathing space in others.

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