Has anyone with naturally curly hair done the MN unicorn cut?

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JMAngel1 Sat 23-May-20 13:32:33

I'm scared but I'm desperate. My hair has lost all shape and root lift and I desperately need some layers. I did the MN cut on my DDs hair and it's given them lovely face framing layers and thinned the hair out.
They have straight to wavy hair though whereas mine is 3b/c curly.
Anyone done it?

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vengeancer Sat 23-May-20 13:49:21

Google 'Deva cut' tutorial. It will show you how to best cut curly hair (it is a dry cut). I would not consider the unicorn cut for 3b/c hair.

vengeancer Sat 23-May-20 13:55:48

I tend to follow this video

JMAngel1 Sat 23-May-20 14:07:31

Oh god, that looks more scary!! It would rely on more skill than I have! Plus, there are hardly any layers left in my hair so I don't have a good template structure to follow iyswim.
Why would the MN cut be so bad for 3b/c hair? If I ponytail it just brushed out dry not wet and just took a couple of inches off max, would it not create the layers I'm after?

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vengeancer Sat 23-May-20 14:10:27

it wouldn't at least work for my hair. it is far too layered. Can you get someone in you family to cut curl by curl a couple of cm off? you could always go in afters and 'prune' stick out curls down.

arinah Sat 23-May-20 14:43:52

I have curly (moreso frizzy at the back) hair and did the unicorn cut. Looks great when I straighten my hair, not so great in its natural form. I do have fairly long hair though, so it doesn't look terrible when my hair is down, so I suppose it depends on how long your hair is.

JMAngel1 Sat 23-May-20 15:02:14

What does it do to your hair in it's curly form? Does it make it stick out too much? Or is it that it shows up much shorter when it's curly so essentially had too much cut off it?

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JMAngel1 Sat 23-May-20 15:05:02

My hair is to my nipples when wet but just below my shoulders curly. The roots are being dragged down which drags my whole face down - I desperately need layers.

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vengeancer Sat 23-May-20 15:37:39

I would Google for curly DIY haircuts - find someone with hair similar the yours and get cutting. It is only hair. it will grow again and you won't chop a huge junk off

BobbinThreadbare123 Sat 23-May-20 15:40:51

I've done that unicorn cut but didn't know it was called that, years ago. Too lazy and poor to go to the hairdresser. I have well defined but loose, fat curls. That cut worked nicely for me.

motherofgod2 Sat 23-May-20 16:08:33

I am currently sporting it on my naturally curly hair and it looks fine

arinah Sat 23-May-20 16:12:46

@JMAngel1 the shorter layers end up looking a lot short in comparison to the rest of the length of the hair, for me anyway. My hair is just a bit longer than yours but it does really depend on the person I guess, I just saw a pp saying that theirs looks fine with curly hair! So I guess give it a go and if it doesn't work out, at least you can grow it out through lockdown smile

JMAngel1 Sat 23-May-20 17:59:30

It's true, it would grow out but I'm still going to work so couldn't hide away!!!
@motherofgod2 would you be happy to post a blanked out face photo of yours? Or taken from the back?

I've had a glass of rose and my fingers are twitching for the scissors grin

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JMAngel1 Sat 23-May-20 18:00:18

You've got to be Irish with that username?

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MarkRuffaloCrumble Sat 23-May-20 18:36:39

Mine is curly, wavy and straight all rolled into one. As you can imagine, it’s a delight to style! Here is my unicorn cut having straightened the fringe. I was quite pleased with it and it looks nice when it’s all straightened too.

I’m growing it out a bit and hoping to channel Linda Cardellini from Dead To Me <wishful thinking>

JMAngel1 Sun 24-May-20 18:26:22

Yours looks lovely but mine is much more curly - think Crystal Tips!
You could get some highlights to lighten to Linda's shade?

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dudsville Sun 24-May-20 18:34:10

I've just learned that my hair is between 2c and 3a! I have used the unicorn hair cut but I found the top layers lifted up too high - if you're 3c I'd expect that would be more the case for you? I found another tip on line to move the pony tail further back to the crown of my head and I prefer this, the layers are more subtle. I do it wet, but then I have a look when it's dry to see if anything is wildly out of place.

dudsville Sun 24-May-20 18:35:30

Mark, how will you manage the fringe on that cut? I like that hair style but would be intimidated by the fringe.

ifeellikeanidiot Sun 24-May-20 18:36:24

I've done it a couple of times with 2c/3a curls. I've also trimmed it quite regularly, just by trimming it curl by curl. As pp says, theres lot on YouTube about best way to cut individual curls.

I think if I were you, I'd do the unicorn cuts to get the shape in and then spend ten mins trimming it curl by curl to get a less blunt finish. I'd also def buy hairdressing scissors.

ifeellikeanidiot Sun 24-May-20 18:38:47

This is mine when I did unicorn followed by a bit of curl by curl. The layers were a bit full on for me and I ended up going to hairdresser to get it tidied up.

MarkRuffaloCrumble Sun 24-May-20 18:43:51

I just use the straightener on the fringe to try and encourage it in the right direction! Have cut it into a straight fringe since that pic, but it’s been so hot I just have it scraped back in a ponytail most of the time!

dudsville Sun 24-May-20 18:51:25

You have gorgeous hair ifeellike

JMAngel1 Sun 24-May-20 19:36:33

That is a lovely shape @ifeellikeanidiot
Right, going to buy some hairdresser scissors ......
I may report back!

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SpyApp Sun 24-May-20 19:40:20

I did it but my hair was shorter than yours to start with. It didn't go well tbh. I looked like a cross between Suzi Quattro and my Mum.
Totally understand the need for layers though.

AllMouthandTrousers Sun 24-May-20 19:44:48

I have fine curly hair and do the unicorn cut on a regular basis - its absolutely fine for me. Also looks nice straight. Having thicker very curly hair might be different but id be tempted to try as you can always grow it out or have it tidied up

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