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Help my lovely DH look fab

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flowerybeanbag Thu 20-Sep-07 08:58:06

Hello stylish ladies. My DH has decided he needs some new clothes. With a 4 month DS going shopping is tricky so I have been doing lots of online shopping for myself. DH is struggling to find good websites for men, so any thoughts?
He has a v good figure, no beer belly or anything, so can carry off most things, and would like to be fairly trendy.
Any ideas of where to look most welcome!

FrannyandZooey Thu 20-Sep-07 09:01:52

My dp likes Howies, and Patagonia

I think Debenhams is good because it has so many different brands on there.

wheelybug Thu 20-Sep-07 09:02:17

does he want casual ?

My DH is a pain at shopping but was forever moaning about needing new clothes. I booked him a personal shopping appointment at Gap and it was great - but he spent rather a lot of money. They just go off and get loads of stuff to try on after speaking to you about what sort of things you want and what you like.

For smart-casual stuff DH likes monsoon for men (they have a website).

flowerybeanbag Thu 20-Sep-07 09:07:06

Ooh those links look interesting Franny, never heard of either of those.
Wheelybug he does want casual really, he wears a suit for work, so it's really weekend stuff. It really needs to be online though - he is a nightmare in shops, gets v bored, and would need me there as well, so with DS it's not easy to commit. Good idea about appt in Gap but not really workable at the moment.

Will have a look at Monsoon - I didn't know they did men's stuff!

FrannyandZooey Thu 20-Sep-07 09:15:57

Both the ones dp likes are pricey IMO but they are very good quality ethically made clothing, and tough wearing as well as good looking. Dp doesn't get through loads of clothes like I do blush so he sees good quality stuff as an investment. I admire his philosophy but can't quite follow it myself

flowerybeanbag Thu 20-Sep-07 15:57:05

Any more ideas for online shopping for my DH?

janeitebus Thu 20-Sep-07 18:51:37

Another vote for Monsoon. My dp, who virtually never buys himself clothes, spent a small fortune in there recently and looks lovely now!

flowerybeanbag Thu 20-Sep-07 18:57:17

<has a look at Monsoon mens bit>

Ooh, it is indeed looking quite good. I had no idea!

Will show DH

SuperMonkey Thu 20-Sep-07 19:02:08

DP buys all his stuff from Fat Face which has a good website

flowerybeanbag Thu 20-Sep-07 19:04:34


He likes Fat Face, haven't thought of website for them...

thanks SM and everyone else so far as well, this is so helpful!

SuperMonkey Thu 20-Sep-07 19:53:46

I've been getting my 4 month DS very used to shopping - he likes looking at the pretty colours of the clothes hanging up smile I decided to start as I mean to go on!

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