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Wedding to go to. Outfit AND hat needed!

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MarsLady Wed 19-Sep-07 22:56:12

Your task (please oh MN style gurus)!

Find me a lovely outfit in a nice bright colour (eg peacock blue.... no mustards, olives, browns bleuuuuurrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!!) and a nice hat to go with it.

I am large of Nork and sadly (sob) large of tum.... yes I am the one that occasionally gets seats on the tube as they think I carry a baby in there......and I don't say no to the seat blush

It needs to be under £100 preferably... but if it's really nice I'll stretch (gulp) to £150. Cheap and classy (is there such a thing?) is good!

Oh and whilst you're there... some shoes please. It would be great if the outfit were timeless or at least wearable again. Don't worry I like bright colours and don't just save them for special occasions.

So my lovelies... if I haven't been too demanding........... show me what you got! grin

Many Thanks (in advance)

bubblerock Wed 19-Sep-07 23:09:46

Try Ebay Marsy - I'm sure lots of people have bought expensive wedding outfits and are now flogging them - they only get worn once don't they? Npt sure what size you are, but here's an example or end of season Monsoon dresses there are loads of hats and fascinators on there too.

VeniVidiVickiQV Wed 19-Sep-07 23:12:32

What size are you marsy?

MarsLady Wed 19-Sep-07 23:18:03

14/16. My norks and tum are the problem! They make clothes look funny on me. Sigh..............

If only I could give up whatever it is that I need to give up so that my tum stands a chance in this cruel world! Sigh.............

MrsBadger Thu 20-Sep-07 08:09:58

when is wedding?
hats for winter weddings v difficult to get right
church / hotel day/evening/ formal/informal?

VeniVidiVickiQV Thu 20-Sep-07 10:30:28've had 5 children...i'm not sure what you expect of your tum grin

I had a complete outfit you see, but its all size 18.....sorry lady.

MarsLady Thu 20-Sep-07 18:31:03

It's a Church wedding followed by champagne and cake at the church, then posh meal at posh hotel... then debauched dancing till dawn! grin


I don't care about the 5 children bit... I don't even want a flat stomach... just not one that looks pregnant! Sigh..........

MrsBadger Fri 21-Sep-07 10:20:24

righty ho - sounds like you need a dress with a demure (and warm) jacket or similar for the church that you can the shed to strut your stuff on the dancefloor.

the ruched waistline of this shape of dress (not necc with halterneck though) is remarkably flattering to tums. This is also a possibility so long as you have a good strapless bra.
One that flares empirely from the bust thus or thus, skimming tum, though you may find this makes you look more pg not less.

A dress with some black in it means you can wear black shoes & bag, v useful to wear again.

lilibet Sat 22-Sep-07 13:09:57

Marsy there is a fantasitc coat in the window of my local Primark which would be lovely for you, its a sort of turquiose blue and dark silver.

I don't know how much it is, but if it's less then £30, which it probaly is, that would leave you lots of cash to get a fantastic dress for underneath.

It could definitley be accessorised with black for the shoes and hat (or what about a fascinator thingy) which means that you could go with either a silver or blue dress?

lilibet Sat 22-Sep-07 13:13:04

Just looked at MrsB's link and her second dress would look very good underneath it

MarsLady Sun 23-Sep-07 22:49:51

Only just come back to this... not that I have time... but my essay is killing me.

Mrs B.... lovely dresses. Not convinced that my tum would look good in them.. but worth popping into the shops and trying those styles on.

Lilibet......... will take myself off to Primark in the next day or two and look for the coat.

Thank you!


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