How are you feeling about clothes right now?

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notonmywatchyouwont Thu 21-May-20 18:32:21

Are you....Bored so buying loads (currently me) trying to nail that elusive perfect summer wardrobe so buying loads (me) staying at home not seeing anyone so not buying any? Saving tons of money waiting for the next season you'll be "seen"?!

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Thighmageddon Thu 21-May-20 18:39:52

Throwing stuff in my basket for some summer work clothes that might actually fit me.

Furlough weight gain is real blush

quietheart Thu 21-May-20 18:44:09

Looking for items In my wardrobe that still fit And failing miserably 😕

Jmommy Thu 21-May-20 18:46:38

For some reason I’ve lost a bit of interest in shopping. Can’t really put my finger on why that is, guess I’ve become used to not browsing shops for new clothes and generating wants for myself that way. I take this as a positive as would like to reduce my wardrobe anyway. And only buy mindfully and ethically.

AnnaNimmity Thu 21-May-20 18:56:01

I've lost interest too - normally at this time of year, I'd be looking at summer dresses for holiday and work dresses for work. Plus sandals for both. But no need for any of that this year! I'm in the house most of the time wfh, or out with the dogs/exercising in gym kit.

I love buying clothes, but have no idea what to buy at the moment at all. Although actually I am looking for brighter tops that stand out a little bit on zoom.

AsCoolAsLangCleg Thu 21-May-20 19:00:20

Like I won't fit into them blush

HatRack Thu 21-May-20 19:00:35

Over-buying for my fatter arse

WingBingo Thu 21-May-20 19:01:42

I stared a new senior role during April, from the comfort of my own home.

Since early April I have been putting together a new wardrobe.

As soon as I think it’s completed, I add to it.

I ordered this Today, to go with my new All Saints leather jacket:

DryHeave Thu 21-May-20 19:02:59

Suspicious. They’re shrinking overnight.

WingBingo Thu 21-May-20 19:03:03

Meant to add, looking forward to returning to the office so I can actually wear my new outfits.

AvoidingTheWineAisle Thu 21-May-20 19:04:31

Completely lost interest and won’t be going back to work until September, so I’m not buying a single item of summer clothing.
I’ll wait for the lovely new coat & boots months!

woodhill Thu 21-May-20 19:05:17

No interest either. No holiday and wfh, wearing leggings & t-shirt as tend to do yoga.

YouKnowWhoo Thu 21-May-20 19:08:34

@DryHeave grin

Eight weeks ago I bought a T-shirt and jeans in a size up. Fitting perfectly now 😬

I am not really buying anything. I now think my motivation is when I’m going to X I want to look Y, etc. Now I’m going nowhere!

Have bought a bit of sports clothes though. Not much, some gear for the bike.

Oh, I did order a couple of summer dresses (in the bigger size) for those hot days. That’s it!

Mnthrowaway20202 Thu 21-May-20 19:09:43

I went to Sainsbury’s yesterday, it’s quite hot in my city and virtually everyone was dressed to the nines. Fabulous summer outfits everywhere, I can’t believe I felt “outfit anxiety” at bloody Sainsbury’s.

I’m going to buy some new bits (not for Sainsbury’swink) but I generally have a few gaps in my wardrobe and had been making do over lockdown. Now I feel like there’s no point, just buy the clothes

AuntieMarys Thu 21-May-20 19:21:58

Not bought anything all year. I have 2 wardrobes and 2 chests of drawers full of clothes.
I am going to order a selection of sandals tomorrow...but won't be buying any clothes

Northernsoullover Thu 21-May-20 19:24:30

I briefly popped into Sainsbury's clothing and nearly started crying (slight dramatisation but it was emotional). All those summer clothes with nowhere to go...
I'm not buying anything. No point

Doowop20 Thu 21-May-20 19:24:41

I love clothes but no point shopping at the moment as not working, not seeing anyone and only going on the occasional walk.

I am looking though and there are some good promotions but I am waiting until this period is over.

Kdubs1981 Thu 21-May-20 19:30:57

One word: leggings

They will have to be surgically removed after all this. Ugh.

Totally lost my mojo. Just want to be comfy

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Thu 21-May-20 19:35:30

I'm not buying/needing anything, but I really want to get a dress made when this is over.

MsMeNz Thu 21-May-20 20:42:05

I'm odd. Pre lockdown total minimalist clothing wise about 90 percent on the time I work a plain black fitted T-Shirt and dark blue skinny jeans. Clothes not important to me at all. Although I made an effort both my face. Nice I seem to barely put anything on my face an have got an obsession with tea dresses inspired from the 40s bought about four so far.
I think I've always had a soft spot for the 40s and land girls etc and I think with everything going on I took some comfort baking and planting a garden etc and just embraced my desire after years of dark plain clothes to jump to floral dresses! So odd!

HeyBlaby Thu 21-May-20 20:43:21

At a guess I have put on a stone in weight during lockdown, I'm therefore not buying anything blush

AnyFucker Thu 21-May-20 20:43:54

I miss shops

Bleepbloopblarp Thu 21-May-20 20:55:46

I’ve been buying loads online due to boredom. Just had a mild panic actually and realised I’m probably not going to wear most of it and have wasted £££.
I’m still holding out hope for our uk holiday in august but who knows?

Xylophonics Thu 21-May-20 20:58:33

I miss shops too.

Got less household money so the last spending on clothes was just pre lockdown- used a Next voucher incase it went bust!

But yes I miss shops, even mooching round charity shops looking for a bargain.

Supersimkin2 Thu 21-May-20 21:00:38

Sad because it's such a waste wearing a new frock round the house.

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