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9 weeks in...bikini

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LadyGAgain Tue 19-May-20 22:58:17


I have been hoping so much that we would have been able to return to the salons by now. I've followed my hair rules and done no home removal. But. 9
Weeks in.... and with the weather getting better it would be nice to wear a swimsuit.
Can't shave as end up with awful in growing boils.
Hair is very dark and currently long. Wax strips hurt and rip the skin.
Removal cream lasts a day.
Unless Ive used the wrong stuff in the past (veet). Any recommendations for wax strips or cream??
Thank you!

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Elllllle Wed 20-May-20 07:49:55

trim it with a bikini trimmer and then use salon-grade hot wax (you heat it in a microwave). Never wax strips! Then use a good after wax lotion with AHA/BHA

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