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DH is in New York atm and says he can get to Bloomingdales tomorrow if I want anything...

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BonyM Wed 19-Sep-07 15:20:27

...what would be good? grin

mamama Thu 20-Sep-07 02:44:43

Make-up? Clinique is much cheaper there
Perfume? (ditto)

When people visit me they always buy: jeans, trainers, Paul Frank t-shirts, handbags etc & anything with Big Brown Bag on it.

Suppose it depends what you need.

MrsJohnCusack Thu 20-Sep-07 03:29:26

Benefit makeup - MUCH cheaper in the US

Budababe Thu 20-Sep-07 06:51:27

You have a nice husband!

Mine would not even think to ask. He did once get to Baby Gap for me in New York to get stuff for DS.

BonyM Thu 20-Sep-07 08:00:42

Ooh, good idea about Benefit make-up, I love it so will get him to stock up on stuff.

Was thinking of jeans, hate buying clothes without trying them on though.

MrsBadger Thu 20-Sep-07 08:04:02


BonyM Thu 20-Sep-07 09:27:39

I'm not really a converse kinda gal Mrs B grin.

Mind you, if I left it up to dh it would be all fuschia stilettos!

kama Thu 20-Sep-07 09:36:02

Message withdrawn

kama Thu 20-Sep-07 09:36:57

Message withdrawn

dazedandconfunded Thu 20-Sep-07 13:35:19

My dh is in NY at the moment (went on Tuesday) and is too busy to get me anything - grrrr

And he didn't even ring to say he'd arrived safely until this lunchtime.

Heathcliffscathy Thu 20-Sep-07 13:36:55

jo malone (if it is the bloomies downtown) much cheaper.

24/7 lip freeze ditto.

sugarmatches Thu 20-Sep-07 16:10:09

Juicy Couture.
I stocked up when I went to Chicago earlier this year.
I live in JC as it is all so comfy.
The coats (and cardigans) this year are really gorgeous as well.

I am lusting after this one

sugarmatches Thu 20-Sep-07 16:11:47

Oooh and this one

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