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Cape Cardigans - yes or no?

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Celery Wed 19-Sep-07 14:25:56

I'm 32, I'm not in the least bit fashionable, although I do care a little bit about my appearance. Will I look stupid if I get one? I'm thinking something along the lines of this: ryId=88622&parent_category_rn=88619&productId=461682&langId=-1

ggglimpopo Wed 19-Sep-07 14:30:19

I think it depends what shape you are and what your wear with it.

Think they could look dodgy, personally.

nangnangnang Wed 19-Sep-07 16:29:27

I think they're very elegant with severe pencil skirt. But you need to be tall and thin.

JackieNo Wed 19-Sep-07 16:53:07

Have to say, I don't like them, but they'd be the wrong shape for me. Have to wear them with something very fitted on the bottom half, I think.

EmilyDavidson Wed 19-Sep-07 17:03:32

Very stylish on someone young (thats you celery,32!) ,even nicer in a bright colour.

Not for an old bird like me though , i would look like Margaret Rutherford

bagpuss Wed 19-Sep-07 18:35:38

I looked at that one yesterday funnily enough. M&S have a nice one in their Autograph weekend range that I prefer though. I think they look nice and have seen a few mums on the school run in them.

Celery Wed 19-Sep-07 18:59:47

I'm not tall and thin, I'm a very average 5'4, size 12 with big bazooka's, so maybe not for me then. It was the school run I was thinking about actually - I've not seen anyone else wearing them here, but the cold weather has just turned, so there's still time. Mmmh, I'll think about it. Thanks for your input.

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