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In pursuit of a cross-body bag

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AmateurDeLaVie Fri 15-May-20 19:56:29

New lifestyle - new bag? As we are all sitting at home, my fabulous collection of bags - mostly smart work bags and briefcases, or more city casual intrecciato Bottega Veneta ones - is suddenly irrelevant. I now need to fill the gap and find a mid-size cross-body leather bag for just going for a walk (to fit wallet, phone, keys, sanitizer). The main thing is that the strap should be really long or could be adjusted to be long - I am tall and detest cross-body bags that sit under my boobs, want one to hang at hip level. I like saddlebags, but other casual / neutral styles would work as well, ideally in tan or cognac. I've looked on net-a-porter and similar sites just to get an idea of which brands make them, hoping to then finding one on eBay if out of my budget full-price, but did not see anything remotely suitable. I am sure there are some niche brands who make them, and would very grateful for recommendations. Budget up to £300.

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damnthatanxiety Fri 15-May-20 21:09:37

Hang on, hang on, hang have BV but you are looking on ebay for a cross body bag????

Anyway, Anya Hindmarch have some cute ones. Mulberry (although I close to despise the whole Mulberry image...goes with Boden and Joules and leather biker jackets.....), Aspinal do a camera bag cross body, Longchamp do mini Le Pliage in leather which are cute because they are just teeny versions, or just go sporty and look at Sweaty Betty or Lululemon.

Shuttup Fri 15-May-20 21:26:14

Funnily enough, I’ve recently spent a long time looking at cross-body bags. I have an ancient Prada messenger bag which I love but the strap has started to come away and I needed a temporary replacement till I can get it fixed.

Admittedly, my requirements were quite specific (black, plain, nylon, no massive logos, can fit my water bottle in). Longchamp’s Le Pliage one was good, Calvin Klein, Tumi, DkNY all looked good but my budget was much less than £300. I did find that looking at men’s bags got more that I liked than women’s.

TheCazaletCousins Fri 15-May-20 22:05:01

Toast have some nice cross body bags which may be suitable- I have a couple of Kate Sheridan bags from Toast and would recommend.

AmateurDeLaVie Sat 16-May-20 14:17:42

Thank you for these responses.

damnthatanxiety - yes of course I use ebay!! I know the structure of pricing for luxury goods and resent paying full price in boutiques. Fifteen years ago I used to shop twice a year - in the Harrods and Harvey Nichols sale. These days there are so many options to buy designer products cheaper, and I find ebay excellent for that as long as one knows what to look for and can recognize a fake. Conversely, I also sell my own stuff on eBay if it remains unworn, typically at 15-20% of RRP. To me it's just smart shopping even if it lacks the thrill of trying things on in a shop.

I agree with your sentiment re Mulberry, although Small Darley Satchel ticks a lot of boxes, even the strap looks longish.

Aspinal camera bag and small La Plage look good but they are rectangular, and I'd prefer a curved shape. This La Foulonne is interesting but I not sure the strap is long enough.

I generally like Anya Hindmarch but most of the cross-body bags are too fussy or smart for what I have in mind. Small Vere Soft Satchel is closer but the strap is short.

Shuttup - what did you buy in the end? My desired spec is different - tan leather vs black nylon but similar approach: no logos, no heavy metal buckles or embellishments. I think at this price point American brands tend to be very conspicuously logoed, so Calvin Klein and DKNY are out for me. Tumi is superb quality of course but very "corporate traveller".

TheCazaletCousins - thank you for you suggestion to look at Toast. I like Kate Sheridan as well as Bleu De Chauffe Mini Postier Java. How does the strap wear after a few years?

Again, thank you for these suggestions, I am getting closer to what I looking for! Apologies if I sound like a spoilt Goldilocks in my feedback on recommendations (too rectangular, too smart, strap too short...), I really appreciate these ideas and they prompted me to explore brands that haven;t been top of mind.

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ZaraW Sat 16-May-20 14:44:55

I have the Opera cross body bag from Mirta. They have other styles. Handmade in Italy. The quality is excellent

AmateurDeLaVie Sat 16-May-20 19:56:00

Oh thank you *ZaraW", I was hoping to find some less known brands, and this site with artisanal producers looks really interesting. I think the Dust Company has what I am after - the Altea bag!! Perfect!!

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