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Please help me with my nails

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MatildaTheCat Thu 14-May-20 23:24:40

I had acrylic nails plus shellac for several years pre Covid 19. They were actually extremely natural, short and simply looked like someone who had lovely nails.

So, I saw the writing on the walls and had them taken off just before lockdown. Underneath they were paper thin and a mess. I’m about 75% of the way of growing in new nails. But..I always had shit nails, that’s why I had the fake ones. I wish so much I’d started a good nail supplement straight away but since I didn’t can anyone recommend a really good, strengthening and conditioning supplement for my poor nails?

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grincheux Thu 14-May-20 23:25:20

Sally Hansen Miracle Cure has been good for mine ☺

harper30 Thu 14-May-20 23:31:07

They're pricey, but the Starpowa vitamins really helped mine. I was in exactly the same boat before Christmas, wanted my acrylics off but knew my natural nails had always been shit anyway and would be damaged after they came off. So I've taken Starpowa from Holland and Barratt since then and my nails are much better. Still not as thick and strong as I'd like in an ideal world, but 10 times better than they were.
It's only worth getting them when H&B has a penny sale though, otherwise they're too expensive

twinnyone Thu 14-May-20 23:43:59

Try (Duri rejuvacote nail growth system).
It's just like a clear nail varnish, just paint on a coat of it every day & you will be amazed by the results. I order it from Ebay nowadays & a bottle costs around £11.00 but so worth every penny.
My nails used to break off at a certain point if I tried to grow them, so after trying Duri, after a few weeks of perseverance I was so shocked at the results.
Out of all my friends I am the only one who now has strong lovely looking nails.

Trumpton Fri 15-May-20 07:21:30

I have had chemotherapy and it ruined my nails . They split and flaked and snapped and snagged and I started biting them again in sheer frustration .
I bought this set and I am very impressed .
I have been using it for a month and my nails are immensely improved .
It will probably take the full 3 months for my nails to grow out of the chemo damage but in the meantime they are so much better .

I found some on eBay at £25 and will buy some more when this runs out .
I was sceptical particularly as I found it on fb but have found it good .

ladykuga Fri 15-May-20 07:33:00

Nailtiques Formula 2 and Mavala Scientifique K+. My nails are growing like crazy and stronger than Adamantium wink

MatildaTheCat Fri 15-May-20 16:18:24

Thank you all. I think I will try both a supplement and a product to apply. Never been so fixated on my bloody nails.😊

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