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calcium spots

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orangehead Tue 18-Sep-07 21:10:38

for years I have had 3 small white spots under my eye, I believe they are called calcium spots. Does anyone know any tips to get rid of them because they are really annoying me. Thanks

taffy101 Tue 18-Sep-07 21:19:18

i'm no help but i have two of these as well. I think a gp can remove them, but i am too lazy to go and feel it is a bit trivial, but they do annoy me, maybe i will sort it out one day.
It is a bit embarrassing as I can't seem to hide them with make up and my teenage nephew did ask me if they were zits!

Lolcats Tue 18-Sep-07 23:37:34

Weird- I just realised that Mine have gone!
I had them before dd, now they're not theyre.
Dunno when they went though. They just went on their own accord (she's 19 mo, so last 2 years have been a bit of a blur)

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