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is castor oil as good as revitalash?

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Inspiralcarpetry Wed 13-May-20 18:32:07

I bought castor oil on the basis of reading threads saying how long you can grow your lashes! Probably just my bad luck, but the only thing I've grown is several blocked pores resulting in gorgeous pus filled hair follicles! I did eyebrows and lashes. Stopped eyebrows due to said blocked pores. I haven't noticed any lash difference yet but it's only been 3wks?

bitofafunnyquestion Wed 13-May-20 18:22:39


I've run out of revitalash which has worked wonders on my lashes. they were already quite long but this has made them much longer, thicker and even darker. I bought some castor oil and didn't really use it a few months ago. would this make a good substitute or is it simply not as effective? I have read differing reviews. I have tried it on my brows a few times but not really stuck with it.


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