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Help! please. Body shape (belly swelling issue) and clothes/style rut

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CalendulaAndRoses Mon 11-May-20 15:59:21

Stuck in a style rut and need help getting out of it.

Some context – 51 years young and a slightly pear shaped size 12. Actually usually only slightly pear shaped but do have an ongoing on and off (more on than off at the moment unfortunately) problem with my belly swelling. This has been going on for years and generally unless I starve myself of all carbs, fruit and anything that might possibly convert to sugar it can be an issue unexpectedly any day at any time. Think going from having a totally flat belly to looking (and feeling) 7 months pregnant from one minute to the next. It’s very tedious.

I have kind of come to terms with it. I’m not prepared to starve myself or severely limit the foods I eat as it often doesn’t even seem very obviously linked, plus I have a history (from a long time ago) of eating disorders and I’m loathe to get too pernickety about food as I know I don’t want to trigger obsessiveness again. I do mostly do intermittant fasting 16:8 (though again not obsessively) and am a relatively healthy 10 stone ish (prob more 10.5st with lockdown) at 5 ft 6

So, what I need is advice on clothes to wear that won’t make me look frumpy but will allow for the at any moment belly expansion issue

At the moment I am mostly living in leggings and trackie bottoms at home but I’m sick of them. I can’t wear jeans cos when the belly swells they get really really uncomfortable around my waist and also digging into my arse and crotch area as they are pulled forward – I HATE that feeling

Dresses are usually ok if stretchy, and same with skirts, but I feel a bit overdressed sometimes as I live really rurally and I often just want to throw on a casual jacket and run out for a walk with the dog – the sort of thing a pair of comfy jeans would be great for

I love simple clothes, deep jewel or bruisey type colours, linen and other nice textures but I think I might have to admit I know need elastication in the waist area or some other cunning solution

Anyone got any great ideas? I know I can’t go shopping now but even something to look at online would be great…

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vaz119 Mon 11-May-20 16:20:28

I'll apologise in advance for not really answering your question. Just wanted to give u a suggestion. If the bloating is linked to stomach issues /IBS type, I would strongly recommend having a look at the FODMAP diet.

I spent years dealing with bloating (yet eating a healthy diet) and tried this diet at a suggestion of my gp.. It worked wonders for me personally. And allowed me to eat the fruits/veggies and carbs I love by learning which ones cause me the most troubles.

CalendulaAndRoses Mon 11-May-20 16:23:45

thanks Vaz - I have tried FODMAP but still never managed to get to the bottom of what the issue is, even with dietician help. So for now I've sort of given up and just decided I have to accept it. I suspect my age and being peri menopausal and hormonal is not helping a jot. Plus the stress of this weird time prob isn't helping.

Glad FODMAP worked for you though, I have heard great things about it. In fact my GP swears by it too

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