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pancakeloverrr Mon 11-May-20 05:02:37

I am currently organising my closet and wondered if I have too many dresses.

How many dresses do you own? Or even better, how many dresses, tops, skirts, jumpers, etc do you own?

Thinking I may need to sell or donate some things, if I have more than the average person.

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HappySpade Mon 11-May-20 06:44:51

This is interesting. I think I base the right number of clothes, for me, on the wardrobe/dresser space I have.
Tops: 96 total (Sleeveless-9; T's-21; Blouses-21; Blazers-14; Jumpers-25; Activewear-6).
Dresses: 17 (Maxi-1; Workwear-13; Cocktail-2; Jumpsuit-1)
Bottoms: 50 (Jeans-4; Trousers-19; Skirts-10; Activewear-17)
I've been using an app for about 3 years to track everything I purchase and wear, so that's where I can pull the numbers from.

TKAAHUARTG Mon 11-May-20 07:36:50

I have a very streamlined closet and it feels so much better than masses of stuff. I don’t immediately throw things out but put them in the bag of doom, things only rarely reappear from the bag of doom before it is shipped off to the charity shop. (I would like to do this yearly but sometimes I hold onto things a bit longer- but they are not in my closet) I have less than 10 of everything on rotation.

Snog Mon 11-May-20 07:41:52

I have 20 dresses which is about right for me and my current lifestyle. I rarely wear trousers or skirts but wear dungarees a lot and have 7 pairs but should really cull these to 4 pairs.

In my previous job I worked full time and wore dresses pretty much every day so definitely had a few more dresses then, maybe 30, and zero dungarees!

I have far too many tops and am about to have a big cull.

Snog Mon 11-May-20 07:44:06

I also have 5 pairs of shorts but really 3 pairs would be enough.

themerchantofvenice Mon 11-May-20 07:52:45

1 dress
2 jeans
1 cord trousers
3 work trousers
2 walking trousers
2 leggings
3 pj bottoms
2 pj tops
3 knitted jumpers
2 fleeces
1 sweatshirt
5 vest tops
7 t shirts
8 shirts
1 denim jacket
1 waterproof jacket
1 suit jacket
3 canvas trainers
1 running trainers
1 boots
2 brogues
1 sandals
2 swimming costumes

Relatively modest numbers but even so I end up wearing only about 30% of it 70% of the time!

LoadsaBlusher Mon 11-May-20 08:03:36

I am very streamlined as I constantly declutter and sort wardrobes

3 summer dresses ( 1 denim / 1 floral / 1 black ,all above knee length )
5 summer play suits( three are same design in different colours ) nude / black / leopard all can be worn with belts to dress up or down
4 jeans / jegging
No skirts - don’t wear them
1 x denim shorts
6 blouses - leopard / mustard / khaki etc
3 sports leggings- black /
2 loose casual tops- black
Denim jacket
Leather biker
Waterproof jacket
2 teddy coats - pink - mustard
Houndstooth long dress coat
1 black hoodie plain cotton
1 khaki hoodie plain cotton
4 Camí tops to wear with jeans / denim shorts in khaki / black / white / navy

Black nike trainers
Black buckle Zara boots
Black converse hi tops
Gold leather sandals
Leopard vans

Few more little random bits and bobs for foreign holidays like bright camis / loose print shorts / bright leather sandals etc but all these are stored away and kept for holidays

Snog Mon 11-May-20 08:14:18

@HappySpade what app do you use? It sounds great.

mdh2020 Mon 11-May-20 08:23:34

Surely the issue is how often do you wear your clothes, Pancakelover? A friend of mine always hangs something she has worn to the right of her wardrobe so that after a while she can see what is on the left and never worn. My friend did a lot of public speaking and needed a large selection of outfits especially when she was facilitating a week long course, for example. There is no hard and fast rule as to how many items of clothing one should own. What is your lifestyle and do you wear everything in your wardrobe?

Picassosdove Mon 11-May-20 08:30:13

I have 17 dresses: 4 work dresses, 6 Summer dresses, 5 Winter dresses and 2 cocktail dresses.

Tops: 9 work blouses/shirts, 12 out of work blouses/shirts, 8 t-shirts, 5 items of Summer knitwear and 5 items of Winter knitwear.

I know this because I am having a sort out and am cataloguing to put on an app. I think I have loads so am committed to not increasing those numbers. I love what I have and it will be one in one out from now on, which will certainly give pause for thought when thinking about buying other things.

lastburritos Mon 11-May-20 08:34:30

I'd love to know what that app is as well

Picassosdove Mon 11-May-20 08:38:21

The one I'm using is Stylebook

PseudoCream02 Mon 11-May-20 08:59:53

You know, I have only really started enjoying wearig dresses as an adut in the last few years, which means I don't own many and the few I do own, are for smart occassions and a bit too formal for everyday wear.

I have no day dresses, two black eveningwear dresses that I wear, two evening dresses that I don't/wouldn't now my tastes have changed but have sentimental value, one summer holiday one, one poolside one.

ThanksForAllTheFish Mon 11-May-20 12:18:05

I’ve got about 25 to 30 dresses and rarely wear them these days. I did go through a bit of a dress phase a few years back but I don’t seem to reach for them often these days. I could probably get rid off about half of them and not miss them at all. I would keep 3 evening dresses that I absolutely love and feel great in. About 4/5 of casual day dresses that I always feel good in, a few different beach / summer holiday / very warm weather dresses that I still love and are ideal for lounging around in when it’s too warm for anything else.
I no longer work in a smart dress code office so my very smart, office dresses rarely get worn now. I’ve been hanging in to them as I might need them again in the future should my work situation change. I spent good money on them and most are in classic cuts and styles that shouldn’t age too much. These are probably the hardest to get rid of for me. I know they are there if I need them but they are pretty much hanging in a corner of my wardrobe gathering dust (well not really as they are in suit bags but you get the point.)

HappySpade Mon 11-May-20 14:55:12

@snog I use Stylebook

pancakeloverrr Mon 11-May-20 15:06:27

Loving the feedback! Thank you mumsnetters.

I am trying to organise my closet and instead of selling things, I've decided this time around to not be wasteful and actually wear my clothes no matter what.

Sure, it's a bit daft to wear a dress to the store or a park, but with the right shoes (trainers, sandals) it could work.

I donated tons of clothes last year and I still feel I have too much. I'm trying to gauge how to have the confidence to wear the clothes no matter what.

Installing the app! Thanks for the suggestion.

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pancakeloverrr Mon 11-May-20 15:12:10


I too have many dresses now. Too many. Like you, I went through a smart dress phase for work many years back, and now prefer pants and a smart top.

I have seen many women on Instagram who wear smart dresses with say casual shoes. To gain some confidence to wear what I want and not in a traditional way is difficult for me.

I saw how some women throw a jumper over their dresses and make it a skirt. Very clever as no need to buy skirts.

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vaz119 Mon 11-May-20 16:25:44

Wow... I feel ashamed looking at your numbers 😕

I'm a hoarder and although I had a massive clearout last year, I need to do it again.

empireants Wed 13-May-20 20:59:43

Interesting idea for a thread! I have:

- 28 dresses
- 8 skirts
- 60 tops (14 vest tops/camis; 11 casual t-shirts; 11 smarter t-shirts and tops; 9 blouses/shirts; 7 crop tops; 2 kimonos)
- 25 jumpers/cardigans/sweatshirts/hoodies
- 10 pairs of jeans
- 6 pairs of trousers
- 3 pairs of cords
- 3 casual jackets
- 1 blazer
- 4 coats
- 5 full tracksuits
- 21 pairs of trainers
- 2 pairs of boots

Wow. I am shocked at myself, especially as this is all after a huge clearout earlier this year where I gave away/sold at least a third of my things. This has inspired me to have another clearout as I can't possibly wear all of this!

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