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Where can I buy black leggings that don't sag, bobble or fade?

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ThSims Sun 10-May-20 13:14:39

I usually buy cheap Primark ones but for the amount I need to replace them I may aswell buy decent ones.

I've tried Tesco and Sainsbury's as part of my weekly shops over the past fortnight with no luck.

I'm happy to order online if somebody can vouch for the quality.

Many thanks smile

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WrongKindOfFace Sun 10-May-20 13:45:07

The Sainsbury’s luxurious ones. They also come in short and long online.

They do fade slightly, but I don’t bother with colour washing powder which probably doesn’t help.

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Sun 10-May-20 13:46:03

I have a couple of pairs of Boden ones. They were bloody expensive but have lasted for years.

WrongKindOfFace Sun 10-May-20 13:46:20

I’m assuming you didn’t find any in Sainsbury’s?

walkingchuckydoll Sun 10-May-20 13:48:11

C&A do fade slightly but they don't sag.

The cheap primark ones are awful indeed. Waste of money.

zigzagbetty Sun 10-May-20 13:50:20

Littlewoods do some fab high waisted ones. I wear them almost daily and some of my pairs are nearly 4 years old and look fine. Also do petite and tall sizes

ooonicorn Sun 10-May-20 14:06:18

Love leggings online. Best everyday leggings ever

Spied Sun 10-May-20 14:09:21

I really love the Tesco leggings for everyday wear but I find Next ones a better quality.

Sooverthemill Sun 10-May-20 14:15:00

Boden ones last really well as do sea salt. I think that if you want non see through ones you need to spend a bit more than primary prices probably. But I have Boden leggings that are at least 8 years old and look new

LuxuryWoman2020 Sun 10-May-20 14:39:12

Look online for the sainsbury's ones, they deliver and they're really good. I think £10 for the luxury ones

RubaiyatOfAnyone Sun 10-May-20 14:43:49

Are all the ones mentioned here opaque? I have had <ahem> slightly embarrassing moments in the past discovering my leggings were actually more like tights...

1forAll74 Sun 10-May-20 15:46:18

I have had quite a few leggings bought online, from leggings world 2010
I bought some thicker ones,in Black,brown,grey, and maroon for the winter months,you can get other colours also. They do all sorts and types of leggings. I am a size 10/12 for leggings,but decided to get size 14, as went by the sizing chart for hips on there. I have always been pleased with all the leggings.

LuxuryWoman2020 Sun 10-May-20 15:54:00

@RubaiyatOfAnyone the Sainsbury’s luxury ones are completely opaque, much more trousers quality than thin leggings but they have a good stretch and was well.

AndMyHairWillShineLikeTheSea Sun 10-May-20 16:12:02

Bravissimo have the best leggings I've ever had.

Anydreamwilldo12 Sun 10-May-20 16:16:21

Sketchers go walk are bloody fantastic. Not cheap but you often get a voucher email from them when you sign up to the website. High waisted, nice and thick with little pockets on each outer thigh. Mine haven't washed out despite being worn and washed multiple times during the last seven weeks

ThSims Sun 10-May-20 17:32:18

Thanks all you've been a big help. I can't tell you how sick I am of bloody primark leggings. They look nice for an hour and then I feel like a scruff grin

I've ordered some of the luxurious ones from Sainsbury's online and I'm going to have a look at the other suggestions here and order a few more pairs.

There were none at all in Sainsbury's store when I went last week it didn't occur to check their online site.

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leolion81 Sun 10-May-20 18:06:31

Sainsbury's are the best and I've tried loads. I wouldn't order more expensive ones if I were you, you'll find the Sainsburys ones are so good you'll be wasting money buying elsewhere.

vanillandhoney Sun 10-May-20 18:09:20

Matalan Papaya range.

boredboredboredboredbored Mon 11-May-20 22:49:13

I am the queen of leggings and had been searching for the holy grail too. Somebody recommended Mint Velvet so I ordered a pair. Have to say they are fab, best pair I've had by far.

empireants Wed 13-May-20 20:09:19

GAP leggings are the absolute best. I'm lucky enough to have a GAP Outlet store quite near but I'm pretty sure the leggings from there are the same as GAP high street ones.

They're quite thick and do not fade or bobble at all. They have a thick, comfy waistband that sits mid/high waist which means they're very flattering. They do not sag/go baggy at all, no matter how long I wear them for or how many times they're washed. They are perfect in every way.

I've tried leggings from pretty much every other high street shop/supermarket and GAP blow them all out the water. The only issue is that other people have noticed how good they are so they're often sold out!

goose1964 Thu 14-May-20 01:00:20

Agree about MintVelvet but mine are definitely winter weight.

GrumpyHoonMain Thu 14-May-20 01:03:16

New Look

MrsJamin Thu 14-May-20 06:33:57

Another vote for sainsburys ones here, they are just the right blend of stiffness/flexibility, high waisted, and haven't bobble or thinned.

JosephineDeBeauharnais Thu 14-May-20 06:37:07

What’s the sizing like on the Sainsbury’s ones?

MrsJamin Thu 14-May-20 13:43:18

@JosephineDeBeauharnais Accurate

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