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Long line sports top

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trinity0097 Sat 09-May-20 12:58:11

I don’t know if I want exists!

I go walking, and I want my bum covered! At the moment I wear leggings and a tunic, it it’s not proper sportswear so is getting hit now the weather is nicer. Does anyone make this sort of thing?

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Lovemusic33 Sat 09-May-20 15:44:33

I have a few from GAP.

CMOTDibbler Sat 09-May-20 17:24:56

I have some winter running tops which are long enough, but its harder to find in the summer.
I like to have my bum covered, so wear a variety of skapris, skorts, and my new favourite running skirts - Gin has plain ones all the time and a print of the week (I'm wearing a galactic one right now). The beauty of these is you can wear them with shorts, leggings or capris depending on the weather

mrslebon Sat 09-May-20 17:38:17

Some Sweaty Betty tops are long line. PM me if you would like a referral code for £25 off a £50 spend (new customers only).

Picassosdove Sun 10-May-20 09:07:48

I've recently bought this for yoga. It is bum-covering, sweatwicking, looks vaguely stylish and is pretty cheap:

whiskyremorse Sun 10-May-20 09:59:50

Bam have longline tops made from bamboo so good for exercising

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