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Growing out home dyed hair (help for brassy ends!)

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Elloello Fri 08-May-20 12:55:50

Following on from my moment of just wanting to cut my own hair, I'm now wondering what I can do to improve things until I get to the hairdresser. I used to dye my hair at home and now I am trying to grow it out. It had some peroxide in the dye so was lightening it. All the colour has washed away and now I'm stuck with these dreadful yellowy ends. If I get a semi permanent then there'll still be peroxide in so that won't solve the growing out problem. What can I do? I need a proper ashy dark blonde/mousey wash in wash out type to cover it while it grows but I can't find anything to do this. Whatever happened to those wonderful sachets in the 90s?

I have bleach London silver shampoo, ccharles Worthington blue shampoo. It's not working to tone it down.

Its making me feel like cutting it all off again... Help!

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JollyGiraffe12 Fri 08-May-20 13:31:23

Superdrug do wash in/out colour shampoos that are pretty good

Elloello Fri 08-May-20 13:56:20

They do, and that's what I'd like but they don't do a brunette that isn't golden or red.

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WingBingo Sat 09-May-20 07:41:34

A silver toner may help?

I have found putting purple shampoo on dry hair works. The provoke one is good for that. This was my brassy blonde after using a silver toner

blueskys72 Sat 09-May-20 08:06:33

Bleach London do other colours - an ashy one and a rose gold - would either of those work to at least tone the brassiness?

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