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Lined or not too thin blue gathered midi length skirt

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Rollerbird Thu 07-May-20 20:45:43

My 85 year old mil is with us for lockdown and hadn't brought loads of clothes. If she ends up here for another few months she wants another skirt. She has a jersey one and a cotton lined button through. She has navy shoes and tops with her. She is around a 12. Can anyone suggest stores to try online? M and S and Tu, Tesco already tried but don't seem to have anything.
Budget total maximum I would say 25, But preferably around the 12-20 mark.

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LouiseTrees Thu 07-May-20 23:23:03

Where are her normal clothes? Could you go there and get them while anyone else from that household exits the house and stands further away? Just in case you don’t find anything thought I’d suggest. Also maybe look at somewhere like next or matalan online.

Trumpton Fri 08-May-20 04:52:13

Bon Marche might be worth a look .
My mil is 96 and says she has given up trying to buy new clothes !
Such a shame as she loves her clothes and is very stylish .
Skirts are easy to make if you know someone who sews and might be the only way to get what she wants .

Rollerbird Fri 08-May-20 06:41:24

She lives 5 hours away unfortunately
She happened to be up for a visit 2 weeks before lockdown started!
I hadn't thought about bon marche. Off to look now. I've got a 'possible' in my basket from matalan to show her too!

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