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Rightly or wrongly, I want some high-waisted trousers or jeans (wide leg, not skinny). Where can I get 'em?

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scampadoodle Mon 17-Sep-07 20:08:52

A couple of friends have said they think I'd suit them (I'm tall, size 12 with a small waist BUT big legs, hence the wanting wide-legs) & I like that whole 1940s-little-jumper-tucked-in-with-a-nice-belt look. I'm hoping that if the back pockets sit high enough up, the trews won't make my bum look huge...
Anyway, opinions are invited, but I'd also like to know who's selling some nice ones. I'm going into central London on Friday.
Thenk you Laydeez...

nangnangnang Mon 17-Sep-07 20:55:30

I really like my topshop K jeans - high waist, wide legs, good colour.

dalmatianbabe Mon 17-Sep-07 21:03:42

Believe it or not I bought a cracking pair in George at ASDA, £16. I am bigger than you, (14) with big bum.

They have stretch in them, wide legs, not toooo high waisted, but keep the ol' muffin tops at bay. Come in two lengths too, if you are tall, I'm 5 9" and the long is v. long.

They come with a bronze thin belt which you can discard if you wish.

policywonk Mon 17-Sep-07 21:03:42

Sorry, no idea, but I sniggered at your 'rightly or wrongly'. It's nice to see someone striking a blow against the cruel oppression of skinny jeans. grin

DarthVader Mon 17-Sep-07 21:10:08

Noa Noa have them

fawkeoff Mon 17-Sep-07 21:10:55

im sayin asda they have crackin pairs there and dead cheap

luckylady74 Mon 17-Sep-07 21:11:49

got highwaisted wide leg brown trousers in mango

whomovedmychocolate Mon 17-Sep-07 21:14:32

M&S Roma (per una range) £25 in tall should fit you then. They are the only jeans that come up far enough on me (I have a long body. They are boot cut and have stretch in them. Don't expect to get your normal size though - I am in a size eight in them shock.

I also got some to fit me yesterday at Tammy Girl (yes I know it's a teen store but what the hell, they fit and no VAT).

scampadoodle Mon 17-Sep-07 22:37:02

Ooh, well thank you for the suggestions. Asda sound good but there isn't one particularly near me...
WMMC: are you saying the M&S sizes are bigger than normal?
Policywonk: 'cruel oppression' is so true. For those of us more carthorse than colt in the leg department the rule of the skinny jean has been tyrannical indeed... & as for wearing boots OVER the trouser, well, that's just showing off how skinny yer calves are, frankly. angry

jajas Mon 17-Sep-07 22:48:00

I found a great pair of high waisted jeans in Next, £20 I believe. Boot cut too.

leo1978 Tue 18-Sep-07 09:17:55

Top Shop! Great for flattening tummies and worn with a blouse/jumper tucked in (never over) look marvellous. The top shop ones are navy. They have a great pair of high waisted jeans too.

cardy Tue 18-Sep-07 09:24:26

Top shop or H&M. I've got Topshop Jeans and grey wool (lined) ones from H&M. Both and very comfy compared to skinny jean/trousers.

Not sure what to do with smock tops now though?

scampadoodle Tue 18-Sep-07 15:59:01

With the Topshop ones though, do you not have to be skinny - will I be trying on size 16s? blush.

I don't have that many smock tops fortunately (dd cups, big hips & small waist + smock top = sartorial disaster)

cardy Tue 18-Sep-07 17:26:26

I am usually a size 10/12 but definately needed a 12 in H&M. In topshop the jeans are by waist size/leg length - I got my usually size.

No muffin top which is great!

gladbag Tue 18-Sep-07 17:40:45

grazia is recommending these Oasis ones. No idea about sizing though...

cardy Tue 18-Sep-07 17:41:39


bumperlicious Tue 18-Sep-07 17:48:33

I want these but they don't have them in my local store.

scampadoodle Tue 18-Sep-07 23:27:47

My god, those Wallis ones are 70s-tastic aren't they?
Well, I shall have a good hunt on Oxford Street for all of those - the Oasis ones look nice, & their sizes are ok on me, as long as I choose the right cut.

MrsSpoon Tue 18-Sep-07 23:35:57

Love the look of the Wallis ones! They are fab!

I've got the Top Shop K jeans and I also have these I think I like the Monsoon ones best as they are a lovely soft denim and drape really well, I also find them more flattering on the bum, however I can't bring myself to wear either pair with tucked in tops but do wear them with slightly longer but fitted tops and usually a cropped, swing jacket.

cardy Wed 19-Sep-07 14:17:01

Just been in primark and they have some nice grey wool tousers - wide leg, high waist with a turn-up for £10. Maybe worth a try if you are bit unsure rather than pay £45?

Bessie123 Wed 19-Sep-07 14:21:45

I haven't read through this thread, but have you tried the early 1980s? I think they have some of the trousers you're looking for there. grin

wheelsonthebus Wed 19-Sep-07 14:29:36

i went into Next and asked for some, after looking at their "jeans guide" on the wall which included high waist ones. Shop assistant: "Oh yeah. Everyone asks for them. We haven't go any. They're not the fashion anymore." Go figure.

scampadoodle Wed 19-Sep-07 20:07:52

Wheelsonthebus: I saw that sign in Next yesterday, but couldn't see where they were on the rail. Asked the assistant. He looked completely blank, then said,"oh, we musn't have any then" I wasn't altogether confident he gave a toss...

Bessie123: I remember the early 80s very well & I used to make these baggy numbers which tapered to the ankle (not MC Hammers - that was later). NOT high-waisted flares, so nyah [sticking tongue out emoticon]

trixymalixy Wed 19-Sep-07 21:50:55

I just bought these today, but in black

I thought the sizing was on the big side.

Tinker Wed 19-Sep-07 21:51:55

Just been looking on Uniqlo site - try there?

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