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Interview help!

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PseudoCream02 Wed 06-May-20 15:45:06

I hope you clever lot can help me!

I have got through to the last stage of interview, which is an interview infront of a panel for a graduate job. They have confirmed that this will be a meeting in person.

With lockdown being in full swing for a while, and perhaps have been a little lax with grooming before this, as a stay at home mum not much need, I need some tips on at home grooming and where to buy resonably priced but stylish interview clothes and more specifically shoes.

My hair is awful, desperately needs a cut, my roots are nightmare - colouring of some sort is necessary as its brassy and dull now too. Apart from an at home french manicure that I'm confident doing myself, I need the full grooming works!

Any advice appreciated.

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PseudoCream02 Wed 06-May-20 19:23:14

Oh dear, I think I might have to muddle through this one on my own confused 🤣

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Flippinfurloughed Wed 06-May-20 20:35:57

Right, grooming wise:

Clean tidy hair - if your roots need doing can you get an at home kit? I use nice and easy but if you can match the colour well then the conditiiner should add a sheen too. Neat nails - if you can polish them yourself without chips then perfect. Tidy up eyebrows, I love a bit of natural fake tan to make me look less like death, but it’s personal preference. Do you have make up you can dig out?

For clothes I usually go for a shift dress and blazer, or cigarette pants and silk blouse. I wear a slight heel, but in a conservative shape. I’m nearly 40 and crap at fashion though, so hopefully someone else can help you there! Marks and Spencer’s online is still up and running?!

Good luck!

PseudoCream02 Thu 07-May-20 07:21:10

Thank you @Flippinfurloughed

I think I'm in a panic as the interview will be next week and it's not much time to prepare when I can't just pop into a shop to get items. And lack of at home grooming skills.

My hair was balayaged a year ago and hasn't been coloured or toned or seen scissors since. It's not grown out gracefully either. Split ends, bad colouring and looks like I've brushed it with a toffee apple. I've ordered a keratin straightening kit which should help tidy it up, I'm going to attack the split ends later, and will order some toner and hair dye and see if it can be salvaged.

My nails are still perfect, no chips from the weekend so far but will redo them anyway. I have fake tan too. Makeup, not so much, my go to look is rather bold with a strong smokey eye, I think I need toned down interview makeup, I have no idea how though, mid 30's and I still don't have a passable 'day look' blush

I found an old suit which fits terribly but passable, and have just ordered some mid heeled black courts, very plain but professional looking. I would love to wear a dress but my judgement on suitable attire is questionable at times, I really need to get out of my comfort zone and try some new looks, perhaps not for the interview though wink

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twointhemorning Thu 07-May-20 13:35:36

Can you put your hair up? That way the split ends won't be so visible. The interview panel is going to be focusing on your responses to the questions, not your grooming. As long as you look presentable that should fine. I've gone to interviews just before the lockdown and got the job with no fake tan and unpolished nails.

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