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Cos dresses for maternity wear?

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ProfessorPlumInTheLibrary Tue 05-May-20 17:18:09

I'm pregnant with my first baby, and quite excited to buy some maternity wear, as I haven't bought any new clothes in a few years! I was wondering whether buying a couple of loose Cos dresses might work, as they could maybe also be worn afterwards? Has anyone done this?

I'd also really appreciate other recommendations. I've quite liked the look of Seraphine, and some things in H&M and New Look. I'm 39, about 5'7", and usually a size 8/10 - but already expanding in the middle... (now 12 weeks). Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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ProfessorPlumInTheLibrary Tue 05-May-20 17:50:42

Here are some examples of the kind of dress I was thinking of. Or is this some kind of hormone-related delusion?!

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habibihabibi Tue 05-May-20 19:39:55

I think they would be perfect. The only maternity clothes I bought were tights, leggings and jeans. Everything else was just plus sized or dresses worn as tops.

ClaraTA Tue 05-May-20 20:16:46

Congratulations! I also think they would be perfect, I wore a couple of Cos dresses during my pregnancy. Also love Monki, they have some lovely oversize dresses and shirts. I found them to be a better fit than most maternity clothing I had, although I had a lovely stretchy dress, t shirt and skirt from Topshop maternity 🙂

LadyBundleBrent Tue 05-May-20 20:26:48

I had a smart cos dress in a small (usually a 10 and became elephantine in pregnancy) that worked til I was 7 months. It was loads nicer than seraphine etc

LadyBundleBrent Tue 05-May-20 20:27:07

Also congrats!

ProfessorPlumInTheLibrary Tue 05-May-20 21:55:54

This is really encouraging! Thanks everyone. Good to know they could work even if I become elephantine @LadyBundleBrent smile

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SirVixofVixHall Tue 05-May-20 21:59:08

I sometimes wore normal dresses in a larger size. Depending on the style they may lift at the front when you get into the final couple of months, but that does depend on fabric, jersey will stretch rather than lift, as long as there is enough give for your bump.

LadyBundleBrent Tue 05-May-20 22:12:09

Most people do pregnancy much better than I do!! But the cos dress certainly made me feel almost stylish, in comparison to proper maternity dresses which often felt more frumpy (though I likely succumbed in the end).

SneakersandSocks Tue 05-May-20 22:17:15

Monki is brilliant, which another poster has already mentioned.
I have a lot of dresses, skirts and jumpsuits from there which I carried on wearing all through pregnancy.

ProfessorPlumInTheLibrary Wed 06-May-20 09:38:49

I've never heard of Monki, so thanks for that recommendation - off to investigate...

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sarahc336 Wed 06-May-20 10:27:44

I think actual maternity wear can look too big until your in your third trimester though as they're tend to be cut with a big bump in mind. Your better off buying clothes a size up or stretchy type materials for the first two trimester. Body con type dresses and skirts work really well if bought a size or two too big. Plus loads of stretchy tops to fit over bump smile

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