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Gap online - are the same clothes available in UK shops?

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Mercy Mon 17-Sep-07 16:30:02

Please say yes because I've seen a coat I want to buy!

And does anyone know why they don't have an online service here?

MrsBadger Mon 17-Sep-07 16:40:30

not always but you might be lucky

and cause they want to maintain their exclusivity

FluffyMummy123 Mon 17-Sep-07 16:41:17

Message withdrawn

Mercy Mon 17-Sep-07 17:08:45

ok, thanks. What a pita

If anybody sees this Military coat in the UK shops I'd be really grateful if you could let me know.

sugarmatches Tue 18-Sep-07 01:55:44

I do think the UK will get that coat as I have seen it in a UK magazine, but we usually get things a few weeks later than they do there.

Gap stores in the States don't even have the same things as they do online sometimes. When we went to Chicago, we could not find dh long length jeans even though the store on Michigan Avenue is ginormous!! We had to order them online and pay for next day so we could bring them back with us.

Not sure why they don't post to the UK either. It really is silly since they have a retail presence here, so there should be no tax issues. Even if there were, the customer is responsible for customs charges if it is shipped from the US. Really is ridiculous IMO.

Mercy Tue 18-Sep-07 09:27:10

Thanks SM!

fishie Tue 18-Sep-07 09:32:53

i wonder whether it is worth ringing a local branch to ask? i don't think they have a central stock control but they've always been v helpful in tracking things down for me.

does seem ridiculous, esp since they are vaunting its europeaness.

Mercy Tue 18-Sep-07 09:40:23

I hadn't thought of that fishie [duh]. Actually I'm hoping to get to Gap in the next few days so I'll ask when I'm there (actually I might print off a picture of the coat and take it with me).

I thought the same thing about the 'European' aspect.

sugarmatches Tue 18-Sep-07 15:37:59

They have a book that tells them all of the items coming in the next shipment. I would certainly ask and make sure to take the product code number because that may help.

florenceuk Fri 28-Sep-07 11:42:08

Just to report that I have seen a military coat for sale in GAP yesterday (and a couple of shorter jackets plus a duffel coat).

Nbg Fri 28-Sep-07 11:52:40

There outlet stores in this country stock the stuff that they sell in the US.

Can get jeans there for £20.

Nbg Fri 28-Sep-07 11:53:02

Their even, not there blush

florenceuk Fri 28-Sep-07 12:04:07

where are the outlet shops?

codswallop Fri 28-Sep-07 12:04:31

at an oolay village

themoon66 Fri 28-Sep-07 12:18:26


Mercy Fri 28-Sep-07 12:20:45

Thank you Florence!!!!

florenceuk Fri 28-Sep-07 12:48:03

yes I didn't understand that either - is that somewhere oop north?

codswallop Fri 28-Sep-07 13:36:07

its french for outlet

Nbg Sat 29-Sep-07 14:00:04

They will be dotted all over the country, the outlet stores that is.
Our nearest one is Castleford in West Yorkshire.

Do you have such a thing as a McArthur Glen near you?

florenceuk Sat 29-Sep-07 19:24:45

I'm in london if that helps!

Nbg Sat 29-Sep-07 19:25:57


florenceuk Sat 29-Sep-07 19:37:56

thansk NBG, suspect it is too far. I will just have to be satisfied with the local shop.

Nbg Sat 29-Sep-07 20:36:26

no no, theres more.

Google it and it gives you a few smile

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