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Tell me what your best splurge has been...

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Swiftier Mon 04-May-20 14:58:27

Or what you have on your wish list!

In the past few years I’ve tried to only buy things I love and will last and get worn a lot. I try and think about items before I buy - if I still want something a few weeks after I’ve thought of it, it’s often a good shout. It’s surprising how many things I ‘go off’ after a few weeks.

So I have a wish list that I’m always adding to (and removing items from when I realise they won’t get worn....) but please inspire me and help me daydream with your favourite items and why you love them (or want them!) If you can, how much they cost, how much you wear them etc. Not limited to super expensive items at all though!

I’ll start - a big spend was my Mackintosh coat, it’s a classic beige, belted design so goes with blacks, blues, browns. I often wear it to work but also easy to wear casually. It’s really well made and completely waterproof so looks good, smart but also quite practical.

Another good splurge of mine has been good day-to-day underwear. Not crazy expensive, the Organic Basics set I have is so comfortable but also sits really well and doesn’t leave any lines under clothes.

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buytheworldacoke Mon 04-May-20 16:31:12

Ooh, I love this idea for a thread. Like you I've now learned to wait and think for a few weeks on things... if it's been longer than 3 months I assess budgets and look for it second hand / save. My favourite ever splurge has been an Acne Studios leather jacket I bought in September. Got it second hand but barely worn and I had wanted one for at least 7 years. £1200 new, I think around £700 second hand... I love it so much my husband calls it my third child 😂

ANoiseAnnoys Mon 04-May-20 16:31:21

My mulberry handbags and purses (I have a few older ones I don’t use as much but I have the large messenger bags in black and brown with matching purses) because I use them every day. Also ray ban sunglasses - I’ve found as I get older I prefer spending more on classic items rather than spending loads in places like H&M etc.

I’ve been buying far too much stuff from Hush too - I just hope I get a chance to wear some of the nice dresses somewhere soon!

Another one is sweaty Betty leggings - I live in them so have bought a few pairs to rotate. My mum would be horrified if she knew I’d spent £100 on a pair of running leggings!

JillGoodacre Mon 04-May-20 16:32:30

My Golden Goose trainers 😊

MilkTrayLimeBarrel Mon 04-May-20 16:34:42

Omega Constellation watch with diamonds for numbers! I love it - wear it every day - or was before the current situation - I worry it would be a haven for germs!

Greenteandchives Mon 04-May-20 16:36:57

My gold Rolex. Bought secondhand with an inheritance.
I wear it every day, and have done for over ten years.

Swiftier Mon 04-May-20 17:22:32

@buytheworldacoke a leather jacket is a great investment. And amazing when you find something you really want second hand. Im trying to buy more on eBay and other sites as I know there are gems to be had but I need to invest more time into it.

@ANoiseAnnoys I’m with you on Ray Bans. I used to have a few pairs of sunglasses that I’d pay £10-20 for and now just have one pair of Ray Bans I wear all the time grin Sweaty Betty leggings too! The Sweaty Betty sales are usually pretty good if you’re a fan, I’ve got some great bargains there.

@JillGoodacre Comfy trainers that go with everything are the holy grail!

And I love the sound of your watches @MilkTrayLimeBarrel and @Greenteaandchives. I don’t know much about watches but going to look them both up. I don’t have an investment watch but I’d love to buy one at some point (would require saving up!)

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achillesratty Mon 04-May-20 17:27:07

Max Mara classic wrap coat. Never dates goes with anything, l wear it ever winter and would never part with it.

Swiftier Mon 04-May-20 17:31:14

@achillesratty I have a classic wrap coat on my wish list. I love the look of them. What colour do you have? Do you mind me asking what style and how warm it is?

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Fairyliz Mon 04-May-20 17:57:02

In 1985 grin I bought a coat for £150 in the sale (that’s worth about £450 in today’s money.
I can remember I didn’t dare tell my mum how much I had spent as she would have gone mad at me.
In the end I wore that coat for 22 years so it was a real bargain.

nevernotstruggling Mon 04-May-20 17:58:47

Agree about ray bans. I have Jackie ohh 2's and I wear them every single day. They make me feel amazing.

StCharlotte Mon 04-May-20 18:02:11

Also ray ban sunglasses - I’ve found as I get older I prefer spending more on classic items

Me too. My sunglasses budget has crept upevery year. I bought a pair of polarised Ray Bans last year which I think have finally ended the search (unless I can track down the Serengeti ones my friend has.

achillesratty Mon 04-May-20 18:07:49

It's dark brown, no buttons or fasteners, ties with the inner tie and outer belt. It's a wool and cashmere mix and very warm, even in freezing weather I only need a thin sweater under it.

I also have a camel pure cashmere vintage wrap coat that my Mum bought that in the mid 70's, which I "adopted" in the late 80's and it still looks great. I love wrap coats, I am a strange shape (my top half is 3 sizes bigger than my bottom half shock, so the shape works for me. I have put weight on and lost it again since I bought it but because of the design it has always fitted. I wear both of them and I bought the Max Mara with birthday money from a "big" birthday, I chose the darker brown because I already had the vintage one in the classic Max Mara camel colour (it's not Max Mara, it's a long gone UK manufacturer).

Swiftier Mon 04-May-20 18:19:18

@Fairyliz 22 years of wear is amazing! What was the style of the coat? Did your mum ever find out how much it cost?!

@achillesratty the coat sounds gorgeous. I love the classic wrap coats, interesting to hear it’s lovely and warm too. Haha I can relate to ‘adopting’ clothes - I’ve acquired a few bits from family!

Seems like everyone loves the Ray Bans! I scratched mine and found out they do replacement lenses which is also great. Definitely like to get things that can be repaired/maintained now too.

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Fairyliz Mon 04-May-20 18:32:54

@Swiftier it was a very simple wrap coat but gorgeous material which hung really well.
No I never told my mum, wouldn’t dare!

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 04-May-20 18:40:57

2 All Saints leather jackets in the past 6 months or so - and have plans to buy another one at some point too.

Paul Smith trainers - the most I've ever spent on a pair of shoes, and bought as a total impulse buy, but I love them.

A Vivienne Westwood (sale) dress - have had it for about ten years and worn it at least 6 times a year in that time, so well worth it for cost per wear.

Prescription sunglasses

EllaPaella Mon 04-May-20 18:51:53

I invested in a lovely pair of subscription sunglasses last summer - Tom Ford ones. I wear them a lot all year round.

I was lucky enough to get an Allsaints leather jacket last October - the Cargo one. It's amazing.

StCharlotte Mon 04-May-20 19:03:41

unless I can track down the Serengeti ones my friend has.

Sod it. Just found them.

What to do? What to do??

QueenOfTheAndals Mon 04-May-20 19:08:23

A pair of knee high leather boots I bought in Florence 20 years ago for 1000 lira (about £100 and a lot of money at the time for me) that I still wear. I had them reheeled and resoled about 10 years ago and they're still going strong.

A more recent splurge was a Phillips Lumea. Worth every penny and I only wish I'd bought one earlier!

OhCobblers Mon 04-May-20 19:59:13

Ray Bans for me too and thrilled I can get the lenses replaced - where from? Their site?

@StCharlotte have you got a link for yours? Would love to see which ones you mean?

Cashmere is a always a splurge for me but worth it. Also lovely sheepskin boots from Celtic and Co. worth every penny!

Swiftier Mon 04-May-20 20:45:37

@OhCobblers you can buy them online from various sunglasses shops. I believe you can get them fitted in-store at the Ray Bans shops if you live near one!

@QueenOfTheAndals I love the idea of a holiday splurge that you then wear again and again, great reminder of a trip. I have the Lumea too - so worth it. I started using it over winter and it’s really now it’s getting warmer I’m appreciating not having to worry about hair!

@StCharlotte link to the sunglasses you’re after?! If you’ve been lusting over them for a while though they seem like a safe buy!

@EllaPaella and @RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie your purchases sound perfect. I love the idea of a leather jacket but don’t wear leather (so actually splurges in general can be limited as it rules out a lot of investment bags etc). But if I saw a good quality faux leather jacket I’d love one as they seem like a great item to invest in as they get so much wear.

@Fairyliz simple wrap coat sounds awesome. Isn’t it funny how even as adults spending our own money we sometimes feel we can’t tell our Mums (or I guess partners sometimes too)?!

Seems like a few items are being repeated:

Leather jackets
Lovely wrap coats
Perfect sunglasses
Special accessories - watch/bag/purse

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Italianmeringuebuttercream Mon 04-May-20 21:02:41

I once had a beautiful wool coat that cost a fortune I think it was a scandi brand, cant remember, I justified the cost by how classic it was etc, etc. Fucking bastard moths ruined it. I now have an all saints leather jacket. Terrified to by wool or cashmere again (Wallace Sewell scarf also ruined sad)

Italianmeringuebuttercream Mon 04-May-20 21:04:22

Rayban erika are my favourite sunglasses of all time. My husband was aghast at the price (quite reasonable I thought)but still going strong 5 years on!

EllaPaella Mon 04-May-20 21:09:06

So glad to see everyone rates their Raybans as I've just bought my son a pair for his birthday, the aviator ones.

Ruthietuthie Mon 04-May-20 21:22:03

I have three things that were worth every penny.
1. A Maxmara coat - cashmere, navy blue (the classic beige washes me out). 10th winter and it still looks perfect.
2. Cartier Ballon Bleu watch - wear it every single day.
3. Ferragamo Vara pumps - the only shoe I wear to work. I now have black, navy, and red.I still have my first pair which I bought about eight years ago and they still look great. And I am really hard on shoes.

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