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Do you have a “uniform”?

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happytobemrsg Sat 02-May-20 15:09:57

I’ve realised that I pretty much wear the same thing in rotation:

High-waisted loose jeans/trousers with tops tucked in
Midi dresses with chunky belts

That’s it really. Even at work when I have to be a bit more professional, it’s a more tidy version of the above. I love what I wear & my colours are usually orange, green or petrol blue so everything goes with everything else.

Does anyone else have a “uniform”??

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Nikeybikey Sat 02-May-20 16:45:59

In winter high neck jumpers and mini skirts, with lots of tweed. For summer I go for more of a boho look. Most of my clothes are white, cream and pink.

PhoneLock Sat 02-May-20 19:55:31

I suppose I do. At the moment it's low waist skinny jeans, a tee shirt and a sweater over the top.

ChardonnaysPetDragon Sat 02-May-20 19:58:40

Shirt, Boden Richmond Trousers for work,

jeans and a shirt for casual.

MiniChoc Sat 02-May-20 21:08:26

I definitely do. I have 8 or so black tops/dresses that I wear with black leggings. All very similar, I probably look like I'm wearing the same thing every day.

Judystilldreamsofhorses Sat 02-May-20 22:21:34

Yes, but several variations on it.

My lockdown uniform is high waisted slightly cropped jeans, mom-style, barrel-leg, tucked in slogan or printed tee, cardigan. Hopefully I can ditch the cardi soon!

My summer uniform is midi dresses, midi skirts with tucked in tee, or culottes and t-shirt

My work uniform is wide-leg cropped trousers, with a fitted top, or short a-line skirts with opaque tights, and fitted jumper

I only wear crew-necks, polo, or funnel necks. I hate belts. I wear trainers, brogues, Chelsea boots, or DM monkey boots. Absolutely never, ever heels.

I always, always wear red lipstick.

MoltoAgitato Sat 02-May-20 22:26:03

I definitely have a colour uniform I need to get out of - variations on navy, grey and yellows/mustard. Generally navy bottoms and coloured top, but everything from skinny fit trousers to wide leg trousers and all shapes of skirt.

Where do you get print tees and chunky belts from happytobemrsg? I also am after a good jumpsuit.

GrimDamnFanjo Sun 03-May-20 02:12:28

I'm tunic/dress, leggings and biker boots. With a biker or denim jacket and red lipstick.

MiniMum97 Sun 03-May-20 02:32:03

At the moment my uniform mainly consists of day pyjamas and night pyjamas. I would recommend it. Very comfy.

MrsAvocet Sun 03-May-20 02:34:06

I wear the same few outfits repeatedly I'm afraid. Tunics and leggings mostly though I wear smarter trousers for work. I would love to wear nice skirts and dresses but I can only wear flat shoes which wouldn't look right. And I only wear 4 colours - black, brown, blue and occasionally green. Good grief I'm boring. I keep getting an ad pop up for a bright yellow tunic. Maybe I should buy it.

StarlightLady Sun 03-May-20 04:15:40

Very much a fan of different styles of dresses. I love dresses.

I don’t wear shoes indoors, but when going out (remember going out?), I usually wear them with flats.

Blueuggboots Sun 03-May-20 04:50:18

And blue.

Sooverthemill Sun 03-May-20 09:48:40

I used to then I thought I shouldn't but now I'm slowly going back to it. I tend to wear jeans and a tee ( long or short depending on season), or chinos and a tee. Sometimes I wear a shirt ( am trying to expand my shirt collection). Summer I do wear dresses. Rare to wear a dress in winter for me. I'm adding in more colourful jumpers/sweatshirts because I realised I was veering towards the navy my mum always wore! I have never really followed 'fashion' but obviously do follow trends ( I think there's a distinction!).

Abcduck Sun 03-May-20 09:59:43

Thats literally whats in High street shops anyway. Im less exciting, t shirt and jeans brcause im trying not to buy stuff which is very very hard.

CadburysTastesVileNow Sun 03-May-20 12:19:24

My friend does. A loose, plain knee length dress , often a cocoon shape (she is hip-heavy and short), usually in a dark colour; a beautiful scarf and handbag from Chanel, Gucci, YSL; good shoes or boots and pretty jewellery. Basically, the dress is the 'blank canvas' setting for everything else. She pays a lot for accessories but not for the dresses - they come from Cos, Asos, etc.

She always looks put together and elegant, and getting dressed must be a breeze for her.

BunnytheBee Sun 03-May-20 12:26:39

Skinny jeans (often grey or black) and a t shirt (often grey, black or white) and a jumper in similar colours of its cool. Not always but that’s what I wear 9/10 days.

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