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A replacement for Clinique Exfoliating Scrub

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LostSapphire Sat 02-May-20 09:03:23

I've used this for years and never found a scrub as good, but it's been discontinued. Anyone used it and found something similar? Or just generally suggestions for a really scrubby scrub! The Clinique one had fine, smooth but firm grains in a tingly menthol type cream. Thanks.

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gower4 Sat 02-May-20 22:06:37

Oh no!! I've used it for years as well. Nothing comes close. WHY have they discontinued it??

juststopnow Sat 02-May-20 23:54:09

Not been discontinued as far as I know unless it’s gone during lockdown. I work for them in a store.

juststopnow Sun 03-May-20 00:04:20

Just looked and lots of places are out of stock but selfridges and look fantastic seem to have it in stock online. Not discontinued as far as I know but if you tweet or contact Clinique on insta they’ll let you know for definite.

The men’s scrub is really really similar if you’re desperate though, I use both and can’t tell much difference. Don’t be tempted by the 7 day scrub if you like this one though as it’s totally different.

LostSapphire Sun 03-May-20 11:24:38

Ah you beauties - have just ordered two from Look Fantastic. I eke them out with weekly use for 6 months so that's me sorted for a while.

I thought discontinued as it's no longer on the Clinique website (not just showing as out of stock). juststopnow that's good to know if they haven't. Yeah, I hate the 7 day scrub cream, made that mistake before. It's good to know that the men's version is very similar, I will try that if necessary.

Thanks smile

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