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Any one waxed their upper lip themselves

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ToldYouOnce Thu 30-Apr-20 19:53:06

I usually have mine waxed at the beauticians. I need it doing. I'm thinking of buying a home waxing pack, can anyone recommend

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VivLevy Thu 30-Apr-20 19:57:30

Yes the Nair facial wax are okay to use.
May have to cut to size/shape.
Skin needs to be clean and dry.

LeGrandBleu Thu 30-Apr-20 19:59:24

I use Veet stripes. Not even the specific face one, but the long for the leg. I use scissors to cut a 1.5 cm stripe, heat it for a couple of seconds with a hair dryer and apply it to one side, pull and then do the other side. To remove any wax residue, I use a body oil, but if you don't have any, coconut should be fine.

Takes two minutes.

No need to buy any expensive kit. Stripes are easy and a lot less messy than the wax you need to melt and apply . I tried both.

Inforthelonghaul Thu 30-Apr-20 20:00:50

I do this every couple of weeks. I have big strips that I just cut into thin strips because it’s cheaper. It’s a bit eye watering the first few times but ince you’re used to it it literally takes 5 mins.

Cheeryandmerry Thu 30-Apr-20 20:01:56

Yes all the time. Cut strips down and warm them between your hands before use.

limmylee Thu 30-Apr-20 20:05:56

I do mine. I use smooth appeal. It's one that comes in a small tub you heat in the microwave. No strips, just wait a minute to dry a bit and remove. Way better than any steps I've used in the past.

2beautifulbabs Thu 30-Apr-20 20:09:04

Yes I have used the veet facial wax strips and was super impressed done a great job

ToldYouOnce Thu 30-Apr-20 20:13:00

Thank you everyone, I'm going to have a look at boots and order some. I'm just worried as I have quite sensitive skin and sometimes come out in whiteheads after a lip wax.

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WisestIsShe Thu 30-Apr-20 20:15:50

I use stripless wax from Amazon. I melt it in a little oil burner. Takes two minutes and great results.

morelikeaclubsandwich Thu 30-Apr-20 20:18:35

Wisest what make is your stripless wax?

Livedandlearned Thu 30-Apr-20 20:19:09

I use the smooth appeal one too, it's really good

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 30-Apr-20 20:22:39

I use the Nads Sugaring on my armpits and top lip.

Cut the paper strips to size.
Stretch your top lip as much as you can over your top teeth.

Just grasp the nettle and whisk it away .
I love the feeling of my top lip after waxing blush

MrsHuntGeneNotJeremyObviously Thu 30-Apr-20 20:49:14

If you've got an epilator you can do it with that. It hurts but it's quick and there's no faffing with wax

WisestIsShe Thu 30-Apr-20 21:10:18

I just searched it on Amazon and looked for good reviews. Just checked and the one I use is 'not currently available'

Bananabixfloof Thu 30-Apr-20 21:18:14

Wax irritates my skin so I use a spring threader. They're about 2 quid off Amazon and when the spring gets too loose (never happened yet) I buy another.

morelikeaclubsandwich Thu 30-Apr-20 21:20:13

Thanks wisest

ouch321 Thu 30-Apr-20 21:29:08

I get teeny pimples when I do it

EllaPaella Thu 30-Apr-20 21:40:17

I use the Veet facial strips. They are great, have tried other brands but nowhere near as good as these. Lasts for quite a while so only have to do it every other week.

ShakespearesSisters Thu 30-Apr-20 21:50:14

I get jolen facial wax strips from body care, only a £1. I used my last ones last week when my daughter asked why I was growing a moustache grin. It normally takes me at least 3 counts of three before I pluck up the courage to pull it off but it works well. Just hope I can get some more

PeterPomegranate Thu 30-Apr-20 21:54:04

I bought a facial epilator from Ocado. I thought it would be unbearably agonising but it was ok. I don’t think I’ll go back to salon upper lip waxing. I will be returning to eyebrow threading however.

PeterPomegranate Thu 30-Apr-20 21:55:16

It was not this expensive! Think I must have got it 50% off.

Fairybatman Thu 30-Apr-20 21:57:51

It hurts like fuck but I can do it myself if I have to, just remember to hold the skin tight or you can get bruises!

Flixsfoilball Thu 30-Apr-20 22:02:31

I find it more 'sting-y' than get my Brazilian! I have to count to 3 but I find if you puff out your lip (kind of blow it up) it really helps as it stretches it

TitianaTitsling Thu 30-Apr-20 22:02:46

I did mine the other day and have been left with little broken veins 😫 will they go away?!

Leflic Fri 01-May-20 07:27:51

All. The.Time.
Smooth Appeal or any of the warm waxes you don’t need strips for.
Interested in the threader thingy though.

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