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How to get a natural eye make up look?

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Dranktoomuchpepsi Wed 29-Apr-20 23:37:02

Anyone know? I've got my actual face nailed now. It's just something missing - The eyes!

I have dark lashes so never really had any pressing need to add. But now I look at my life make up and realise I don't have any eye make up and it looks a bit rubbish.

The look I want is a 'smoky/sexy yet UNDERSTATED and nothing too' obvious and OTT'. Could anyone help?

Is it just a lick of mascara that's suppose to do this? I don't use any mascara. Because in the past I've bought expensive ones like Benefit they're real! And they always give me panda eyes

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Frankiefree Wed 29-Apr-20 23:42:40

For an understated smoky eye you’ll need some type of eyeliner along your upper lashes in black or brown depending on your colouring. And then some brown eyeshadow too. And don’t forget your eyebrows.

I find the best mascara is Lancome, or Maybeline if you want something cheaper.

Ginfilledcats Thu 30-Apr-20 04:00:05

I'd recommend getting a shadow pallet by urban decay, one of the naked ones with a range of browns golds and creams.
Later it up by starting on the inner corner (by your nose) with a light colour (the lightest one) I often use one with a bit of sparkle, and gradually fade out with the darker colours.
Go on you tube for tutorials

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