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Boden coats?

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pania Sun 16-Sep-07 13:36:16

I've never bought Boden before, but I need a new coat and quite like the look of the Chic Applique Coat.

Has anyone got it? (long shot I know).

Are Boden coats generally good quality? What's the fit like? I've got a lovely black cashmere coat which is beautifully soft but I've had it for YEARS and need a change.

I'm shortish (5 ft 4), size 8-10, flat chested, narrow shouldered, and have a pretty straight up and down figure. Like a 12 year old in fact, as a charming flatmate once told me.

kittywits Sun 16-Sep-07 18:05:31

My experience of boden is that the designs are great and funky but that the quality is really shite. I would be suprised if it lasts more than a season

Gobbledigook Sun 16-Sep-07 18:07:25

I've got a Boden coat and I'd say it's good quality - I've had it a few years now. If you are 8-10 you need a size 8 and you may even find that's too big. I think their sizes are generous.

FluffyMummy123 Sun 16-Sep-07 18:10:16

Message withdrawn

Idreamofchocolate Sun 16-Sep-07 18:17:48

I have a couple of Boden coats and I do not agree that the quality is shit. Mine are lasting well in fact. Kittywits, if you are unhappy with the quality of anything Boden you should send it back, even if it's yonks old. They have a really good customer-care policy and never seem to quibble about anything.

janeitebus Sun 16-Sep-07 18:25:27

I don't have many things from Boden but what I do have is very good quality.

kittywits Sun 16-Sep-07 20:26:02


smoggie Sun 16-Sep-07 20:35:48

I got a grey wool peacoat last year and the quality is fantastic. Wore it to death and still looks new. Sizes are on the generous side, I'm a 10/12 but always go for 10. Got a raincoat once and it was a bit shapeless so sent it back, tops alway short in sleeve for lanky me but otherwise can't fault 'em.

pania Mon 17-Sep-07 19:26:19

Thanks for the replies.. I'm still undecided! God I am hopeless about shopping.

Maybe I should just bite the bullet and order it... if I don't like it I can always send it back I suppose...

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