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Sun screen 50+

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bananaskin123 Sun 26-Apr-20 10:11:53

Just after some advice please. I have a very fair skin and have had basal cell carcinomas so know I need to be very careful. I've bought the above sun screen but just wondered: do I put it on my face and body and then can I put my usual moisturiser/foundation etc over it or should I put it on after I've put my make up on.

Thanks for any advice you can give.

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Thelaughinggnome123 Sun 26-Apr-20 10:20:50

Definitely put it on first and let it soak in, make sure it has the highest uva rating too.

TableNiner Sun 26-Apr-20 10:49:58

I put my serums and moisturisers on first, then SPF. You don’t want to dislodge the SPF. You shouldn’t then need a primer as well.

Floisme Sun 26-Apr-20 20:34:19

I've had conflicting advice about this, which is concerning. But I think normally the medical (as opposed to the beauty industry) advice is that the sunscreen should sit on top of your skin and be reapplied throughout the day. To me that means it goes on last. If you're still under medical treatment then I would check that with a consultant / doctor. Good luck.

damnthatanxiety Sun 26-Apr-20 20:57:51

depends whether it is a chemical or physical (mineral)sunscreen. Chemical goes on first - before or after serums. Before moisturiser if you still need one.. Mineral goes on last, after skin care before makeup.

FusionChefGeoff Sun 26-Apr-20 21:06:51

How can you tell which is chemical and which is mineral?!

bananaskin123 Sun 26-Apr-20 22:15:37

Thanks for the replies. The sunscreen is by Garnier and is called Ambre Solaire sensitive advanced cream 50+ but I'm not sure whether its chemical or physical unfortunately. How would I find out? I suppose I could email Garnier couldn't I and maybe get a definitive answer.

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SunnyUpNorth Sun 26-Apr-20 22:45:46

this is brilliant. I’ve also had conflicting advice about whether to put it on before or after moisturiser. This one is ok without a moisturiser if you only need a light one anyway.

damnthatanxiety Thu 30-Apr-20 19:32:13

Most are chemical or a combo. If it is mineral it would usually say

emma6776 Sat 02-May-20 08:50:29

I use sunscreen as the last step in my skincare routine but before makeup. As I use Tretonoin (at night) I also carry a spray SPF that I can top up with on sunny days. I use a la roche posay one as it’s designed to go on top of makeup.

Pinkfrangipani Sat 02-May-20 08:57:24

Sunscreen should be the last step in your skincare routine before make up.

MandalaYogaTapestry Sat 02-May-20 09:08:13

bananaskin, check the ingredients. If you can find Zinc Dioxide or Titanium Dioxide, it's mineral. If not, then it's chemical. Personally I prefer mineral, it's gentler to the skin.

SpyApp Sat 02-May-20 09:16:16
This is the best one I've found. I've also used Sun Sense (it pilled) and La Roche Posey (looked greasy)

SpyApp Sat 02-May-20 09:17:14

If anyone knows of a dream that doesn't make your eyes sting please shout up.

SpyApp Sat 02-May-20 09:17:25


KnobwithaK Sat 02-May-20 09:25:27

My mum had pre cancerous cells on her face and was recommended this by her doctor. It should go on after serums and moisturiser. I would use it before makeup. Obviously you have to re-apply it during the day which is a bit of a pain if you have foundation on but personally I'd prioritise the sun cream (especially if you have already have problems) and adjust foundation etc so that you can apply suncream on top during the day without it looking awful.

Sorry for crazy long link.

Italianmeringuebuttercream Sat 02-May-20 10:39:48

I use ultra sun 50. I don't find that it stings my eyes. Its the only sun screen brand that doesn't make my face red. After I've washed my face I apply my eye cream, then rosehip oil followed by the ultra sun. If I feel I need makeup, I'll use a loose powder and or bronzer.

Duckingell Sat 02-May-20 12:22:26

italianmeringue. I always thought Ultrasun had to go directly onto bare skin?

Thedevilofsmallthings Sat 02-May-20 12:36:16

Altrusit available from Amazon is great. It's factor 50 and doesn't make your eyes sting. Also good value.

Italianmeringuebuttercream Sun 03-May-20 09:19:56

@Duckingell I've not heard that but I shall look into it!

Italianmeringuebuttercream Sun 03-May-20 09:28:36

Well I'm glad I posted and you alerted me to that @Duckingell as you are right! I shall use correctly in future blush

Duckingell Sun 03-May-20 13:12:58

Italian I have used it on my body and it always said to apply on clean dry skin. It locks on to the skin as opposed to being a barrier. Maybe just the oil isn't so much of a barrier if its been working for you? But best to use as instructed.

I've just ordered a QVC special which includes the face 50 as I have been a bit lax in that department over the years. So perhaps I can slow down the damage. confused

Italianmeringuebuttercream Sun 03-May-20 14:48:35

I've developed dark patches on my face so it hasn't worked as it should! (Using spf 30 though) Although, my face hasn't burned in the sun, so perhaps it does work a bit. I'll definitely be putting my rosehip on after its sunk in in future!

BunnytheBee Sun 03-May-20 17:04:44

I always thought Ultrasun had to go directly onto bare skin?

Yes I used ultra sun too and this was my understanding.

I also got it from QVC last year in a great deal! I got a set that had the spf 50 for face, eye cream, lip balm and a hand cream. I like it but my DH can always see when I’ve got it on so not sure if it doesn’t sink in well or if I’m just not rubbing it in well enough!

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