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Anyone tried a bralette?

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Bluewater1 Sat 25-Apr-20 18:50:00

I am fed up with uncomfortable bras and tempted to change to bralettes (if I spelt that right??). Anyone tried them? If you have would you recommend swapping to them or not?

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Wwyd20 Sat 25-Apr-20 18:51:17

I like them but tend to interchange between that and bra as I have a larger bust and they don’t offer the best support.

SagaBauer Sat 25-Apr-20 19:08:16

I've worn M&S bralettes, the lacy ones, since having my DD 3 years ago. They're much comfier than wired bras and shape is OK, they do offer some lift and seperation. I wear them for work as I don't think I could stand 13 hours wearing a bra anymore. I've tried some homemade ones off FB (kinda like molke but cheaper) but they just give me monoboob so only use them if my others are in the wash!

CatyaPurella Sat 25-Apr-20 19:56:40

They are pretty much all I wear as I have very small boobs and give all the support I need. They are comfortable & you can get some very pretty ones. I struggle with anything with an underwire as bf'ding 3 kids has left them with no volume at all.

Miseryl Sat 25-Apr-20 20:00:29

No, I have long very saggy tits which would look hideous in anything other than full cup, lightly padded & underwired 😫

browzingss Sat 25-Apr-20 20:03:45

I wear them all the time, mainly as tops on a nigh

browzingss Sat 25-Apr-20 20:05:28

Night out*

I have tiny boobs so I don’t really feel any comfort difference as I don’t need the support

MiniChoc Sat 25-Apr-20 20:28:22

No good for me as the nipples show when they're cold or just saying hello grin comfy for round the house though.

Bluewater1 Sat 25-Apr-20 20:36:38

Thanks everyone. Sounds like a good possibility for me then 👍

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Bluewater1 Sat 25-Apr-20 20:37:48

@MiniChoc ha ha lolgrin

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Bertucci Sat 25-Apr-20 20:39:29

I wear them in the evening. My boobs aren't big (32DD) and are thankfully, non-droopy, but I still prefer the feeling of a little support.

HaddawayAndShite Sat 25-Apr-20 20:44:19

I love my bralettes but I only wear them in the house as I’m large of bust and my boobs look shit in them lol. But defo comfy and secure.

mynamesmrdiggety Sat 25-Apr-20 21:12:57

I'm breastfeeding and my boobs are round my waist but I was pleasantly surprised with an M&S one I bought recently as it somehow held my boobs up without underwire. I am going for comfort at the moment grin

mynamesmrdiggety Sat 25-Apr-20 21:14:15

@browzingss I'm sure you look lovely but if I wore mine as a top for a night out I'd have someone's eye out

Dances Sat 25-Apr-20 21:18:10

Yes if small of breast, they are v comfortable.

Justatenant Sat 25-Apr-20 21:20:03

I'm usually full cup, battleship grey, 1m wide band with bolts etc but I've recently brought a gossard longline bralette with underwire. Not an amazing shape for my spaniel ear tits but it's a nice lounging about bra. I'm usually a 38E and fits perfectly

CatyaPurella Sat 25-Apr-20 22:43:16

Blimey if a 32DD isn't big then mine must be non existent at an 34 A/B

JoysOfString Sun 26-Apr-20 10:25:06

I love them - there are lots of versions/varieties with different degrees of support, and some are padded, so I wear more supportive ones for daytime. (i’m a B/C cup) To be more supportive, they need thicker fabric/padding and a wide band under the boobs. My favourite and comfiest ones are from Sainsburys and peacocks. For a more bra-like style, but still non-wired, bravado seamless nursing bras are great and come with a kit to covert them to a normal bra. I’ve also just got two lovely soft bralettes from urban outfitters - brand is called “out from under”. For pretty lacy ones, aerie or love stories (££££ but they have a cheaper collaboration with H&M).

I couldn’t ever wear A wired bra now - I’ve tried them on and they’re instant torture.

WingBingo Sun 26-Apr-20 10:27:55

@CatyaPurella you need a bra intervention in that case

32DD isn’t big.

BuffaloCauliflower Sun 26-Apr-20 10:31:34

Molke! Amazing things. Comfort but shape as well.

@CatyaPurella 32DD is really quite small. Bet you ANY money you’re not really a 34A or B (quite unusual sizes actually when measured properly) give this calculator a go -

Swiftier Sun 26-Apr-20 10:54:46

I like Organic Basics:

Also I’m 28FF and buy XS and it’s fine (even though it doesn’t quite fit within their size guide - there’s give due to style and shape).

Bertucci Sun 26-Apr-20 19:24:14

CatyaPurella 32DD is not big - literally a handful. Another one recommending a proper measure.

TooMinty Sun 26-Apr-20 19:27:53

I like the Calving Klein racer back ones with a little padding - that eliminates nipple issues that pp mentioned!

Glacierminty Sun 26-Apr-20 19:58:24

I wear the Calvin Klein ones. They are very comfortable and wash really well .

Tafelberg Mon 27-Apr-20 07:13:29

I’m a 32DD and assure you they’re definitely not big! I’m another vote for the Marks and Spencer’s bralettes, think the style is called Louise or Louisa. I wear them all the time now. H&M also have some really nice ones.

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