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Had my colours done today and am in shock!!

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BonyM Sat 15-Sep-07 21:12:38

Always thought I suited autumnal colours - browns, oranges etc. but find I am actually a "Winter".

Anyone else had this done and found they'd been living with a completely distorted view of themselves? grin

DH is thrilled though as I am not supposed to wear brown (which he hates). Can't believe he was right and I was wrong hmm.

Doodledootoo Sat 15-Sep-07 21:19:40

Message withdrawn

BonyM Sat 15-Sep-07 21:23:18

The woman who did mine had her whole house done in "her" colours! (Winter) She said that she and her daughter were both Winter but her partner was Autumn so he clashed with the house! grin Think she did know what she was talking about though and some of the colours in my palette are ones that I wear, but others I wouldn't ever consider usually.

Have to say though, that the make-up she put on me looked great even though it was colours that I don't usually go for.

Doodledootoo Sat 15-Sep-07 21:26:31

Message withdrawn

FLIER Sat 15-Sep-07 21:27:08

sounds good, where did you get it done?

BonyM Sat 15-Sep-07 21:31:59

LOL at frog box! All the lipsticks she put on me seemed much too bright but when she'd done the rest of my face they were actually really good.

FLIER - it was House of Colour, they have people all over the country.

I'm quite excited about it all actually - can't wait to go shopping with my swatches. Bit worried that I might get some suspicious looks from the sales assistants though when I get my wallet out and hold it up to all the clothes!

FLIER Sat 15-Sep-07 21:34:43

Hmm, I'm amazed, for once a company that actually operates North of the border, and as far up as Aberdeen!

BonyM Sat 15-Sep-07 21:37:00

Dh bought me a voucher for my birthday (at my request).

It seems quite expensive (£90) but it's already saved me more than that because I was lusting after a brown leather Boden jacket which I won't buy now because brown's not one of my colours! grin

FLIER Sat 15-Sep-07 21:40:12

thats a really good idea for a present, may get my dh to look into it for me.

BonyM Sat 15-Sep-07 21:41:22

You should - it's great fun, and a real eye-opener!

Christie Sat 15-Sep-07 22:23:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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