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How can I get rid of my flakey scalp please??

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Wonderingwhyme Sat 25-Apr-20 11:48:20

Iv had it on and off before but have had it permanently since December. Nizoral works but it messes up my colour so not an option to use that. Currently using head and shoulders for coloured hair but that isn’t getting rid either.

Iv been putting vitamin e hair and skin oil on my scalp over night and that helps but not ideal as leaves pillow case rank.

I really want to get rid of this as my hair is dark so it’s visible. Can anyone recommend how to get rid of this permanently that won’t affect my colour??

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HappyBirthdayQueenieMarm Sat 25-Apr-20 12:02:08

Shampoo your hair and condition as nornal. then Massage your scalp with apple cider vinegar. Leave 15 mins then rinse out with water only. The smell will disappear later. Repeat once a week or as needed.

HappyBirthdayQueenieMarm Sat 25-Apr-20 12:03:00

Dont get vinegar in your eyes! If that happens rinse your eyes with water.

Wonderingwhyme Sat 25-Apr-20 12:04:52

How much of the vinegar? Why does that work?

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Wonderingwhyme Sat 25-Apr-20 12:05:15

I have bleach in my hair too... surely vinegar... being acidic ... will wreck my hair?

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Baboutheocelot Sat 25-Apr-20 12:05:19

If nizoral works then it’s likely you have a fungal infection on your scalp. You need to keep using it until the flakes have all gone.

Wonderingwhyme Sat 25-Apr-20 12:06:17

When I say nizoral scalp used to be very itchy... with little spots on my scalp.... all that has now stopped and I thought a shamp I was using had caused some sort of reaction?

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Member Sat 25-Apr-20 12:07:57

If you can get hold of Joico Cliniscalp for chemically treated hair that may help (it’s been discontinued because they thought the for “thinning hair” was off-putting).

Otherwise Joico Daily care shampoo may help.

I’m going more from the uncomfortable, itchy flaky scalp rather than the visible flake angle though!

Wonderingwhyme Sat 25-Apr-20 12:08:40

Iv also used that expensive brand for scalp... something tonic and that made it worse...

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december212 Sat 25-Apr-20 12:08:37

I always find head and shoulders gives me dandruff hmm sorry, no help but hope you find something that works for you.

Blueuggboots Sat 25-Apr-20 12:09:24

Apple cider vinegar, I believe, is the only vinegar that is alkaline......

balonzz Sat 25-Apr-20 12:10:03

I came on here to say apple cider vinegar too! I have the same problem as you and apple cider vinegar really works for me. I use it as a rinse after shampooing and then I leave it in.
Don't get ordinary vinegar, it has to be apple cider vinegar. I get the organic one but I don't know if the organic is any better really.

Wonderingwhyme Sat 25-Apr-20 12:10:34

My hair is quite dry (although working on that with oils and it’s improving) wouldn’t any kind of vinegar damage it more though?

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balonzz Sat 25-Apr-20 12:11:35

for the amount, I use approx. half a cup and just pour it over my head in the shower with my head well tilted back.

nobucketlist Sat 25-Apr-20 12:12:48

Body shop ginger shampoo if you are able to get hold of any

Wonderingwhyme Sat 25-Apr-20 12:13:54

I just read that Apple cider vinegar will bring out auburn tones..... I don’t want the dark in my hair going gingery.... shock

I’ll have a look at body shop thanks. Is it any good for coloured hair @nobucketlist?

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theseriousmoonlight Sat 25-Apr-20 13:09:37

I use body shop ginger shampoo and conditioner. I wash twice a week and I don't use dry shampoo. After years of itchiness, it's the only thing that's worked. Nizoral worked for me for a time, but not long term. Apparently body shop is taking a while to deliver at the moment though, which is understandable.

theseriousmoonlight Sat 25-Apr-20 13:11:46

My hair is coloured OP and I've not noticed an issue with the body shop ginger stuff. My hair does hold onto colour for ages though, doesn't really matter what shampoo I use.

Wonderingwhyme Sat 25-Apr-20 13:31:38

Ok thanks I have ordered the ginger shamp and cond (plus the banana mask as it looks and sounds good!) and try that before risking the vinegar I think....

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OhCantThinkOfANewName Sat 25-Apr-20 13:43:11

I’ve been using the body shop ginger shampoo for ages, as have my two daughters, we go through it quickly. it is good. I wanted to look for a cheaper alternative but I don’t think there is one.

TheReluctantCountess Sat 25-Apr-20 13:49:58

Cradle cap shampoo for babies works wonders.

Tiredmum100 Sat 25-Apr-20 13:54:28

I use dovobet but I have scalp psoriasis. Have you seem your GP op? Do you know what the problem is?

mrsfury Sat 25-Apr-20 13:55:23

Philip Kingsley shampoo for flaky scalp is great. I suffer quite badly with psoriasis in my scalp and have tried everything. It's pricey but totally worth it IMO there is a scalp exfoliating mask too that I use now only once or twice a month and also the scalp toner. If I'm not mistaken you can buy a travel sized set just to try and see if it works

theseriousmoonlight Sat 25-Apr-20 13:56:16

I want to try the banana mask too! Report back when you get it smile

I hope the ginger stuff works for you. Its miserable having an itchy scalp especially in warm weather. How often di you wash your hair at the moment? Do you use dry shampoo? I went from washing once a day to twice a week which was hard work, especially as dry shampoo really made me itch, but it is the only thing that has worked long term. It seems like quite a common complaint (I see numerous threads about it anyway) but everyone is different so fingers crossed!

GlueSuedeShoes Sat 25-Apr-20 13:56:43

Shampoo containing selenium is the only thing that works on my flaky scalp. L’Oréal used to do one but I think it’s been discontinued. I’ve just ordered a Vichy one from Look Fantastic

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