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TrueFriendsStabYouInTheFront Fri 24-Apr-20 02:25:05

Has anyone ever bought products from facetheory?

I went on the website and did the 'build a regime' thing, and I was very impressed and tempted to order. It's approx £80 worth of stuff so it's a lot to spend if the stuff is not great. I would love to hear some reviews!

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LaLaLanded Fri 24-Apr-20 08:07:49

What did you choose?

I’ve used their clarifying cleanser, retinol serum and retinol moisturiser.

All good - the clarifying cleanser is very good but probably not for the more sensitive of skins. Not sure the retinol is the most effective on the market but I was using it as a mild face routine.

But overall yes they’re good - good ingredients (some fragrance but avoidable), decently priced for what you get, good service. I would buy the clarifying cleanser and moisturiser again - swapping out to try new brands right now but I used them until they were all gone and was happy to do so.

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