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Tea tree or witch hazel

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Fidgety31 Wed 22-Apr-20 22:02:40

As far as I’m aware you can put all of these products on spots ?
You can even buy witch sticks in the facial skincare aisle ?

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mintbiscuit Wed 22-Apr-20 21:53:08

They are not for treating acne and will irritate skin. Please see the GP as you’ve pointed out the spots are bad. You could try differin on prescription. Or benzoyl peroxide (this is available OTC).

Fidgety31 Wed 22-Apr-20 21:44:05

Which would you recommend for teenage skin spots (quite bad ones )
Face washes have been tried for years . Can’t afford ‘ordinary’ etc products

I’ve read between tea tree , apple cider vinegar , witch hazel , tcp, sudocream or savlon - all cheap products - had anyone had success with any of them ?

Oldest son had roacutane twice but Hoping to avoid it with this one .

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