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Grey hair high lighted and lowlighted

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LadyEloise Tue 21-Apr-20 16:43:51

I know there is a pandemic and people are losing loved ones so it shouldn't matter but....
I have highlights and lowlights on my white grey hair.
Any suggestions---- as to what colour / dye I could buy in the supermarket/ Boots to tide me over til the hairdressers reopens

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LadyEloise Wed 22-Apr-20 09:41:12


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yesyesdear Wed 22-Apr-20 12:37:49

No idea, but I’d be interested to know as well!

LadyEloise Wed 22-Apr-20 17:54:15

I thought we'd get lots of advice 😟

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WhenPushComesToShove Wed 22-Apr-20 18:15:39

My wonderful hairdresser left instructions and all the things I would need in a bag outside my house so that my daughter could put it on for me. Like you say it seems vain when people are dying but it used up a chunk of time and my hair looks fabulous!

LadyEloise Thu 23-Apr-20 20:04:12

That's lovely for you but what about myself and yesyesdear ?

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Spaceprincess Thu 23-Apr-20 21:43:30

What colour are your high/lowlights?

Vicliz24 Thu 23-Apr-20 21:47:23

So you have predominantly grey/ white hair yes? I'm wondering do you need the highlights with that

Littlemiss74 Fri 24-Apr-20 08:49:28

I’d like to know too

LadyEloise Fri 24-Apr-20 09:17:00

I'm not sure naturally what colour it is. smile
People would say I'm blonde. But roots are grey and temples white. sad

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LadyEloise Fri 24-Apr-20 09:18:01

Is there any semi permanent I could pop on to tide me over till the hairdressers reopen ?

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MaybeDoctor Fri 24-Apr-20 09:22:57

I am not good at this, but:

You could try a root touch up kit - I use these. Use a lighter colour than you think.

Or try a semi permanent colour (8-12) wash

islandofdoom Fri 24-Apr-20 09:23:40

What colour do you want your hair to be with a semi permanent colour? I used a L'Oréal semi permanent over highlights and it worked really well. My natural colour is brown with white through it. My highlights were blonde. I put a light brown semi permanent on and was really pleased with the results.

dietcoker Fri 24-Apr-20 10:44:23

Could you post a pic ? That'd help with the advice

MoltonSilver Fri 24-Apr-20 11:13:37

Have you tried loreal magic retouch spray? It's just a very temporary fix but I'd be reluctant to do anything else if you want to keep your highlights.

MoltonSilver Fri 24-Apr-20 11:15:31

I used loreal castings. The result is nice. It completely covered the grey but unfortunately it also completely covered the highlights.

LadyEloise Fri 24-Apr-20 12:00:17

Thank you all.

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MaybeDoctor Fri 24-Apr-20 14:33:54

A bit random, but you could try sectioning your highlights off with foil before you apply any box colour. I haven’t tried this though.

TheCanyon Fri 24-Apr-20 14:41:39

Ask your hair dresser what colours you get put through, then foil and colour. Don't use a box dye

midwesteaster Fri 24-Apr-20 14:44:35

My hairdresser is also offering a personalized hair dye kit for people.
I'm not that bothered so whacked a slightly lighter root touch up through my hair but I don't always have highlights touched up.
I'd talk to your hairdresser first.

LadyEloise Sat 25-Apr-20 09:25:26

Thank you.
Considering I can't blow dry my hair properly, there's no chance of me putting foils in. smile

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TuscanGreen Sat 25-Apr-20 09:49:28

My hairdresser is suggesting using a toner if you have balayage or highlights

allthedamnvampires Sat 25-Apr-20 09:54:10

Now’s your chance to see what your true colour really is, don't waste it! I dyed my hair blonde for years and my roots looked grey and temples white. However, I've let it grow in and the natural colour is actually a pretty silvery blonde. You might love yours too.

Don't use a home dye if you're used to going to the hairdresser particularly if you're not confident. Root spray, hairstyles and a brave face are what you need for now.

WhenPushComesToShove Sat 25-Apr-20 16:16:13

@LadyEloise @yesyesdear It is most lovely for me but I should have said to contact your hairdresser if you are able to and ask what she suggests which is what I did. When touching up roots make sure to only cover grey regrowth and not highlighted hair.

LadyEloise Sat 25-Apr-20 18:00:12

Thank you all.

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