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Where might I find a belt like this?

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LavenderHills Mon 20-Apr-20 08:53:13

Has anyone come across a belt like this one? I've just bought a beautiful gold pendant and decided I want to recreate the outfit to show it off in the impending Australian winter (if we ever get out of quarantine!)

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peachypetite Mon 20-Apr-20 09:07:35

Asos have loads of belts

LavenderHills Tue 21-Apr-20 07:38:44

I know they do, but I've looked and just can't find anything with that sort of simple but oversized gold buckle. I was hoping someone might have seen one somewhere smile

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WrinklesShminkles Tue 21-Apr-20 07:51:12

There's a specialist belt website here:
I bought from them once, they were fine. However they have too many belts for me to say whether they have what you're looking for! There was a plain leather jeans belt that seemed to have a chunky buckle which you could swap for other buckles.

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