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Need some non mlm skincare products

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1point21gigawatts Sun 19-Apr-20 20:48:10

Hi all.

I'm after some advice please. I have always struggled with my skin, it's oily, large pores, prone to spots, and now aging as well.

Previously I have been recommended temple spa products and, while they were fricking amazing (and expensive!) I hadn't realised they were an mlm. The moisture matte moisturiser was so lovely. Anyway.

I'm currently being bombarded with Tropic by an acquaintance. Which looks nice, but is also an mlm.

I tried some no. 7 stuff last year, but it just made my skin greasy.

So does anyone have any advice on a decent skincare brand for oily, aging skin that isn't a bloody mlm?!


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Ladyglitterfairydust Sun 19-Apr-20 21:17:02

Caroline Hirons has recently done loads of lives that are saved on her instagram. She’s done ones about retinol, moisturiser, spf etc. She’s also got an amazing blog - look at the cheat sheets and she’s on you tube too. I know she’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but my skin has improved massively since I started following her.

PurpleDaisies Sun 19-Apr-20 21:21:21

Superdrug naturally radiant range is brilliant and very cheap. Their vitamin E range gets great reviews too. Both vegan and cruelty free. I switched from Estée Lauder and my skin has never been better.

woodencoffeetable Sun 19-Apr-20 21:24:30

nivea q10.
they also have a pore refining one with spf30 which is brilliant.

1point21gigawatts Sun 19-Apr-20 21:25:27

Thanks I will have a look at Caroline Hirons and the superdrug range.

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