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Can you advise on products for dyeing hair silver?

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SerBrienneOfHouseTarth Sun 19-Apr-20 19:18:54

Hi everyone, I have naturally ash blonde hair and have been working towards going icy silver for a few months by getting it highlighted, because the salon I go to has a blanket no bleach policy (not sure why). I'm not happy with it as the highlighting hasn't been bringing it up to the colour I want and it's costing me a fortune, so I made an appointment at a different salon for the day after lockdown was announced to get a full head bleach and tone. I've had this done before in the past and have bleach and toned it at home too and have the kit for mixing/applying etc.

Obviously my appointment got cancelled so I am going to do it myself - no point telling me not to, it's getting done grin - but the stuff I've used previously (supermarket boxes) didn't lift it as much as I wanted or give me the icy silver. Can anyone recommend some good products that will achieve my goal? I don't mind spending a few quid to get good results.

I like the look of Shwarzkopf BlondeMe as you can buy toner to mix with the bleach. I have also been recommended BBlonde products by a friend who is a hairdresser. Has anyone used these? Any other good ones?

The picture attached shows my hair as it is now on the top two images, the BBlonde products my friend suggested and the bottom right is approximately the silvery colour I am aiming for.

All recommendations will be greatly appreciated x

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WingBingo Sun 19-Apr-20 20:33:53

I used this, which resulted in the 2nd picture.

SerBrienneOfHouseTarth Sun 19-Apr-20 22:07:35

Oooh that's lovely @WingBingo!

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